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Today, in outrage

Oh, boy.


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One thing binds the SEC East.

Vapid slogans.

While they’re at it, maybe they can replace “Sandstorm” with this.



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Today, in the continuing adventures of Mark Richt losing control…

Somewhere, Jimmy Williamson smiles and nods knowingly.


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Every dark cloud has an Urnge lining.

Let’s check in and see how Vol fans are doing ($$).

Is there any reason for optimism this fall, or will it be a dumpster fire with a depleted roster? — Smith C.

This is maybe the darkest Vols mailbag yet. I got a lot of that this week. I don’t have much for you, Eric and Smith. On the bright side, if it’s a chilly night, a dumpster fire isn’t all that bad. Let’s not paint all dumpster fires with a broad brush in this mailbag.

I can see how you’d get there when a walk-on and a long-snapper are getting the most spring reps at linebacker.


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They’re number two, but they try harder.

Over at Dawgnation, Connor Riley (it’s a slow news day, so work with me here) asks a question I admit I hadn’t seriously considered.

Quarterback: Can Carson Beck emerge as the No. 2 quarterback?

By all accounts, Beck had a strong performance in this past Saturday’s scrimmage for Georgia. While he lacks the game experience that Stetson Bennett does, Beck has a greater upside. If he’s able to translate that potential into a few more strong performances over Georgia’s final five spring practices, he could make a strong case to be Georgia’s No. 2 quarterback come the 2021 season.

I certainly am not privy as to how spring practice has been going, so I can’t question his assertion there about Beck’s work.  I will say, though, that while 2020 exposed Bennett’s shortcomings, he does have qualities that Beck can’t bring to the table:  SEC game experience and working knowledge of Monken’s scheme, for starters.  He’s also spent more time on field with the number one receivers than has Beck.  In short, if the primary purpose a number two behind Daniels serves is to step in if Daniels has to leave a game due to injury and function with the trust of the coaches, Bennett seems right for that job.

Mind you, that is not the same function served by having a quarterback run the offense in the fourth quarter in a blowout.  I can see where the coaches would favor Beck and (maybe) Vandagriff over Bennett in such a setting.

Does anyone see a quarterback other than Bennett being Daniels primary backup in 2021?


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Today, in they’re just like we used to be…


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