Every dark cloud has an Urnge lining.

Let’s check in and see how Vol fans are doing ($$).

Is there any reason for optimism this fall, or will it be a dumpster fire with a depleted roster? — Smith C.

This is maybe the darkest Vols mailbag yet. I got a lot of that this week. I don’t have much for you, Eric and Smith. On the bright side, if it’s a chilly night, a dumpster fire isn’t all that bad. Let’s not paint all dumpster fires with a broad brush in this mailbag.

I can see how you’d get there when a walk-on and a long-snapper are getting the most spring reps at linebacker.


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35 responses to “Every dark cloud has an Urnge lining.

  1. Derek

    Can they change the song to “Rock Bottom?”

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  2. KornDawg

    There’s a lot to be said for hanging around the fire on a cool night, drinking a few beers. Usually it’s an old 55 gallon drum, or maybe a little pit in the ground, but a dumpster could work, too, I guess. If you clean it out really well.


    • RangerRuss

      Tell it, brother. GSP took all the fun out of driving around, drinking beers, toking on a number and listening to tunes.
      A dumpster is just nasty though.


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    You know, over on SDS, Urnge fans asked how I can continue to find massive amounts of pleasure at Tennessee’s misfortune as if they don’t remember how they all acted for the entirety of the 1990’s.

    The last decade couldn’t have happened to a bigger bunch of assholes.

    Nothing sucks like a Big Orange!

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  4. how long before they push conference realignment and drop Bama?


  5. stoopnagle

    LOL. Vols.

    This is never, ever going to get old.

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    • Down Island Way

      You can count on big urnge cuntry to bring a freshness to their blight plus a brighter fire in the dumpster year in, year out…

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  6. 3rdandGrantham

    By my count, this century we’ve beaten them 14 times, and that number should be much higher. Speaking of century, I love to remind pretty much everyone of the fact that UT has a losing record in SEC play this century, so their woes go back far more than just a decade.

    I’ve said this before and it bears repeating – I was at UGA during the mid the late ’90s, and my older brother is a proud UT alum who often is obnoxious. In fact, he attended the ’98 game with me and talked trash to everyone in the student section while his Vols were completely destroying us. Of course, he got away with it because of his massive size, so everyone either just smiled or ignored him altogether.

    With all that said, I will never feel any pity for those orange types, and I hope their woes continue until next century.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

      Your parents raised a child who willfully wears that disgusting color?

      That’s not your brother’s fault. That’s on your mom and dad for not raising him right.

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      • RangerRuss



      • 3rdandGrantham

        Well to be fair, he was a top recruit and he got a full ride, so you can’t blame him. At the same time you UGA totally ignored him which was a bad decision in the end. He has, however, maintain a bitterness towards UGA ever since, and I respectfully can’t blame him.

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  7. David D

    The straight to DVD movie “Chernobyl 2: Roentgen Rocky Top” is being filmed at Neyland Stadium.


  8. “Lets check in and see how Vols fans are doing” HOLD ON, let me get my popcorn first. [Insert meme of Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme that feels kinda creepy knowing what we know now…]


  9. originaluglydawg

    Dumpster fire still ablaze and the Volunteer Fire Dept isn’t showing up for at least a few years.


  10. gotthepicture

    You gotta respect a mailbag that appreciates the finer nuances of dumpster fires.

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  11. I was trying to see if I cared about UT’s unending dumpster fire.

    Nope. Not a bit. Just thinking of their motivational trophy, a grey 50 gal trash can with a UT stick stuck on it gives me chuckles to this day. Or “opportunity is nowhere”. lol. Or Junior putting up pictures of USC players in their facilities, oh man, that was good. Thats still pretty hilarious. Or how they killed people with their stupid field that “can’t breath” because their stupid stadium is so steep and tall. Or maybe I remember the unending shit they talked in the 90s until Mark Richt and Munson ended them for good. or I remember how tyler bray can throw beer bottles off a roof at a good lady’s car and the police ask the AD if they are players first. Maybe I think of the time and time and time again, for some reason, we warned them about their hires, or fat phil, i mean seriously, for no reason we said “Phil is gonna insert himself into the program and ruin it” and nope, they couldnt listen to that either. Maybe its bc my family is from NW Georgia, and the closest thing my PopPop ever said for a curse word was, I can’t stand those ….pause, people. Oh, and the showers! Lol. SOD had to teach them to take showers. lol. oh man.

    Nope, I don’t feel bad for them. They dang sure wouldnt feel bad for us. Kirby dropping an historical 100 year record on them was one of the top 3 or so things Kirby has done.

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  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “… if it’s a chilly night, a dumpster fire isn’t all that bad. Let’s not paint all dumpster fires with a broad brush…”

    That is a beautifully turned phrase. Should be a ‘motivational’ poster with a picture of a kitten or something.


  13. Munsoning

    219 short days till November 13.

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  14. bigjohnson1992

    Still trying to figure out why heipel would do this to himself and his career. More money, I get it, but this will be a career ender for the guy. He’s gone in 2 years, 3 max. And then maybe some high school in Oklahoma will hire him.