Today, in they’re just like we used to be…


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  1. Best offense, without a doubt. Defense was garbage and that’s the result of being a portal master instead of a steady recruiter. I think we saw a similar demise with Richt in Athens, sadly, although Richt was a much more likeable coach than Mullen. Richt had the benefit of two SECCGs and some near misses on the National Champ conversation, and Mullen hasn’t. Danny Boy isn’t in the same arena as Richt, if you will.

    What I would argue though is that Florida’s success was heavily predicated on the Trask to Pitts factor. Seemed very one dimensional most of the time and they still had no run game. My humble opinion is that if Florida toned down the explosiveness and could establish a credible run game that Granthams defense could’ve done a little better, especially with his all or nothing philosophy of blitz and pressures. That’s tiring to days the least.

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  2. mwodieseldawg

    2020 was a perfect storm for FU offensively. Trask stayed hot all season until the Oklahoma game. I’m still not sure if the law of averages caught up to him or not but I don’t believe OUs defense was anything special. I think this year’s offense for FU will look a lot like some from MSU years ago.

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  3. JaxDawg

    I hope they believe it. Makes it all the more sweet when they are flooding out of TIAA bank field at about 630pm.


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  4. akascuba

    FU returning back to their portal master coach’s MSU form. I can’t disagree only look forward to our turn to throttle them. #FTMF

    This is the year FU fans find out what their future looks like.

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  5. Godawg

    #FTMF That is all.

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  6. Down Island Way

    Florida beat them last year….of all the issues i have with personal hygiene, this ONE issue i haven’t been able to extricate,dodge, pressure wash, disassociate or exorcise from mine skin since that day the clock hit 00:00, being cleaned is high on my list this upcoming 2021 season of UGA football (add nerdfootball)…. #FTMF

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  7. akascuba

    It’s the thought that counts.


  8. Ran A

    Their entire focus was beating Georgia last year. It was the best game they played all season (by far). If UF beats Georgia this year, then I have will be the first to say that I underestimated Mullen. But if Georgia beats them by 3 TD’S or more, then I think that will be the end of Mullen at UF, especially if he has another weird year like last. With that said, if that bought him two or three more years, that’s good for Georgia.

    Florida is recruiting at about the same level year in and year out since he has been there. His 2nd year, being his best. But the portal and Trask (who did not recruit in) has been the difference maker. And he continues to struggle with recruiting the O-Line (same weakness Richt had). Trask hid just how mediocre that line was last year. Not going to be able to do that this year. They are going to try and run a lot more and pass a lot less. That will work to a degree, but run defense will likely be Georgia’s strength. It all adds up to UF really struggling in that game, provided everyone is stays healthy.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      “… if that bought him two or three more years, that’s good for Georgia.”
      Two or three more years of Grantham would be even better! FTMF!!!!

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  9. Mullen will never be an easy out imo. He can scheme them up. But his weird ass personally kills him in recruiting and all the scheming in the world can’t help you when you’re just outmanned.

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    • Derek

      Ok, but explain MSU performance in Athens in 2017.

      His team has just beaten LSU. The entire sports media hype machine is picking his team to win.

      They never got off the bus…

      That to me is an indictment on Mullet.

      Can he coach offensive football? No doubt. Has he shown himself to be a great HC? I haven’t seen it yet.

      He’s Leach without any of the fun or the disdain for running the damn ball so far as I can see.


    • Russ

      Last wasn’t just the first time Mullen has beaten Kirby, but the first time he was within 2 scores of him I believe.


  10. Who knows what happens if Bennett doesn’t get hurt in Jacksonville? His injury and the loss did make it easy for Kirby to insert Daniels into the starting lineup.

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    • And, no, that doesn’t mean I was happy to see SBIV get injured (especially with the circumstances) and for us to lose the game.

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    • Derek

      I know what would have happened. We beat Florida and then JT relieves Bennett in the second half of the seccg and we beat Bama!!!

      And then on to a natty!

      Dawg fans world wide rejoice!!!

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    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      ^^This. Georgia was winning the game until Bennett got hurt. After that the Dawgs had no O. If we beat FU with Stetson at the helm, likely Bennett is the starter the rest of the way, we win the rest of the regular season games, lose to Bama in the SECCG and lose the bowl. JT never sees the field last season except in mop up duty. We then have a wide open QB competition now.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Monken had WRs running wide open most of the afternoon in Jax. I’m disgusted we didn’t have a QB on the team that could heave a ball anywhere near them.

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  11. If that really was Florida’s best team since ’09, I’m totally fine with 8–4 being the ceiling for Dan Mullen.

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  12. RangerRuss

    Aight, my buddy Bob down there in that shithole Hogtown says Mullen finally has his preferred type QB. But, “He better bring the D up or he will be unemployed”. The last time Bob said the FU coach had his type of QB he was referring to Tebow, and I quote, “That Mormon Nazi Meyer”. I’ll give him credit for never liking that scumbag sumbitch. We don’t need to be reminded how those games turned out except for 07.
    RRRRRRobert is realistic and knows the gators best chance for beating the Dawgs is for UGA to show up in J’ville down key personnel. Dammity’all, we know it can happen in-game. I have faith that Kirby won’t EVEN overlook that contest and will have the Dawgs prepared as if it were a playoff game because it practically is. Circumstances are often beyond Kirby’s control though. Cheap shots on the QB up 14-0 and star DBs and motor sickles come to mind.
    Fuck those motherfuckers!


  13. Can Florida win again? Well, I guess it’s a question of if the recipe can be followed easily again this season. Let’s look at the necessary ingredients:
    Heisman candidate QB, throwing to
    Future top 5 NFL draft pick who’s a total mismatch
    And at least one more future NFL draft pick at WR
    UGA’s pre-season starter at QB not playing, and the 3rd or 4th stringer is the starting QB
    UGA’s top WR is injured
    UGA’s top safety is injured
    UGA’s top NT is injured

    Lather rinse repeat?


  14. TripleB

    In my fan life Florida has always been “able” to beat us. I’m always worried about that game. BUT, I think we are better and I think Kirby matches up to Mullen pretty well. I don’t think we’re snake-bitten by those assholes anymore. I bet Georgia for the win.

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    • poetdawg

      Just so you know, Vince Dooley owned the slimey reptiles. All of us older Dawgs remember those days and hope that they are returning again.


  15. Morris Day

    Speaking of FU… I was headed north on I-75 last Friday when I overtook a car with a FU Gators license plate frame. And a decal in the middle of the rear window that says “I Eat Ass”. I thought, well, at least he’s self-aware! #FTMF

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    • Down Island Way

      That piece of metal musta’ been on the shoulder with a cracked windshield, one flat tire, one tire missing, fumes in the gas tank, tail light damaged and no insurance…that was the only thing holding that metal together, a sticker…#FTMF

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