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When life has to imitate art

I’m sorry, but if you’re not doing this…

… after reading this ($$)

Luke Doty is a natural passer. In the (NFL) Draft, you look for a big brain and a natural passer. He’s got a big brain.

… Now we just get to marry up all the other little attributes that go with it. Big Brain? Check.

… you’re just not doing it right.



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Welcome South, brother, where everything is bigger.

Friend o’ the blog Jason Hasty pointed me in the direction of this JT Daniels interview with John Frierson from UGA Athletics.  My favorite part is this seamless transition from the food JT misses since his move to Athens to Jordan Davis’ bulk:

Frierson: Do you miss In-N-Out Burger? Or is there another L.A.-area place that you really miss?

Daniels: I miss Hawaiian barbecue — Aloha Hawaiian BBQ, Ono, all the Hawaiian barbecue places. I haven’t found any Hawaiian barbecue places around here and it’s so good. Those are really my favorite foods, sushi and Hawaiian barbecue.

Frierson: I’m a pretty good foodie and I’ve eaten all over the country, but I don’t really know Hawaiian barbecue.

Daniels: It’s barbecued beef, mac salad, cabbage, chicken katsu — it’s all so good.

Frierson: What do you make of Southern food?

Daniels: It’s just bigger. Bigger portions, for sure. J.D.s [Jordan Davises] grow on trees out here. That’s probably the biggest thing, there’s just more of everything in general.

Frierson: Including sugar and fat.

Daniels: The size of everything, really. The size of athletes here is ridiculous when you compare it to where I’m from. California has a lot of great athletes, there’s just so many in the South that it’s just crazy.



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Another Saturday between the hedges

It’s scrimmage time, bitchez.

And, a few brief notes from the last one:

Anthony Dasher dropped some insider notes heading into Saturday’s scrimmage. One of those centered on running back Kendall Milton, who has put together some great practices this spring.

“Indications are Kendall Milton continues to have an excellent spring,” Dasher wrote. “Milton is healthy after injuring his knee in last year’s game against Florida and having a hamstring issue, and seems primed for a breakout. Zamir White and James Cook also continue to receive praise and perform just the way you expect a couple of upperclassmen would.”

Also, Dasher detailed the left tackle battle between Xavier Truss and Broderick Jones. Ideally, the Bulldogs want one of those two to win the job.

“Truss, we understand, played relatively well (in last weekend’s scrimmage),” Dasher wote. “Both still have work to do. Jamaree Salyer remains in the picture, and coaches won’t hesitate to have him play the position again this fall. But they really hope either Jones or Truss can get the job done. Or maybe even Amarius Mims. Salyer was held out of last week’s scrimmage.”

Milton showing out is hardly a surprise, but the coaches holding out Salyer and Mims as motivation for Truss or Jones to step up and grab the left tackle spot isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.  Something else to watch next Saturday at G-Day…


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