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This is how you portal.


But, “something something I’m a redshirt freshman. I’m not playing…”



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If you can’t beat him, give up.

You cannot defeat the Sabanator.  You can’t even control him.

The NCAA is considering a change to the “Nick Saban rule,” which prohibits coaches from leaving campus to travel during the spring evaluation period in recruiting. First reported through sources by Bryan Fischer of Athlon Sports, talks on altering the rule will continue at the Division I Council next week.

College football’s record-setting 13-month recruiting dead period ends on June 1, the first moment coaches are once again allowed to meet with recruits and evaluate talent in-person. The so-called “Saban rule” was passed in 2008, which at time, barred head coaches from speaking with recruits on the road but did allow for meetings with coaches and teachers who could share pertinent info on prospects.

… There were complaints around college football that Saban was arranging “coincidental” interactions with recruits, leading to the rule. However, since the rule was enacted, Saban has won six national championships and Alabama has been the nation’s most dominant recruiting entity.

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.  But Nick’s got more interns and analysts than the NCAA does.


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“I pray every day for this coach.”

Goodness, that Tennessee fan base is one beat down group.  Not that they don’t have their reasons for it.

“I probably shouldn’t say this,” began the 59-year-old Miller as she and her husband Norman entered Neyland Stadium on Saturday morning for the Volunteers’ first public practice under new coach Josh Heupel. “But I’ve got four kids and a bunch of grandkids, and the night we won the national championship is the happiest day of my life.”

There haven’t been a lot of happy days for any member of the Big Orange Nation over the past decade or so. The arrival of Heupel in January after UT brass fired Jeremy Pruitt for alleged NCAA violations marked the fifth Vols head coach since Phillip Fulmer — who won that aforementioned natty to cap the 1998 season — was let go near the end of the 2008 season.

“I remember them all,” Angie said. “I got on that Lane (Kiffin) Train. That was a joke. Then (Derek) Dooley. Then the whole ‘Brick by Brick’ thing (Butch Jones). Then this last guy. The last couple of years you could just see the desire go out of the kids on the sideline. You need a leader, and they haven’t had one.”

Dave Chappelle Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


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How do you know when the NCAA Council is FOS?

When a close source says, “I would expect action on that [this week]”.

“That” being passage of a one-time transfer rule for college football and basketball.  There appear to be two stumbling blocks to that.  One is the Department of Justice.

While the legislation has long been expected to be in place for the 2021-22 season, its passage was delayed in December when the U.S. Department of Justice sent a letter to NCAA president Mark Emmert expressing strong concerns.

As of last week, a meeting between the NCAA and the Justice Department’s antitrust division still had not taken place. However, transfer legislation had been forwarded to the NCAA Council from the transfer working group.

… “The only reason why [one-time transfer legislation] hasn’t passed is this meeting with the Department of Justice,” said an administrative source close to the situation. “Whatever formal sit down they felt like they need to have didn’t happen as of last week.”

Gee, I wonder why Emmert doesn’t want to have a sit down with the feds.

As far as the source’s characterization of that being the only reason, well, there also seems to be something of a math question to overcome.

The NCAA Council is a 40-person body responsible for day-to-day NCAA legislative and policy decision-making. It has a representative from each of the 32 Division I conferences. Voting is weighted toward the 10 FBS conferences, and within that, the Power Five (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC).

If the FBS conferences vote as a group, they control 56.3% of the voting points. However, the Power Five cannot decide the issue on its own. Those conferences control only 37.5% of the total vote.

Eh, what do I know?  It’s probably just a formality and those lower level schools have totally gotten over their fears of being raided at will by P5 programs.  Totally.


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The cool kids are going to UCF.

If you’re Central Florida, it’s not cringy enough to claim a faux natty.  Nah, it’s on to new worlds to conquer.

Are we supposed to tweet at them during games?  And if that’s not cringy enough for you, check out the “how do you do, fellow kids” vibe of Gus explaining this.

Ugh.  That’s awkward enough for somebody to make ’em give back their national championship rings.


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Go home, ESPN FPI, you’re drunk.

Welp, this is something.

Georgia’s FPI has dropped significantly from the end of last season.  FPI also has Georgia playing 2021’s 22nd ranked strength of schedule, which, given the current state of the SEC East, seems a might bit ambitious.

I guess I could accept that, at least until I look at the two teams bracketing the Dawgs.  Texas A&M, a spot ahead of the Dawgs, has to break in a new quarterback and replace a fair amount of its offensive line.  Plus, the Aggies play in the tougher neighborhood.  And then, c’mon, Mississippi State eighth?  And closer to Georgia than Georgia is to TAMU?

Either I’m crazy, or this season is going to be.


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The Portal Master™ is worried about portal mastering.

Dan Mullen thinks we need to keep the transfer portal strictly in the hands of those who know how to use it to do good.

“The transfer portal is set up for the people that it really benefits,” Mullen said this week, via ESPN Radio. “A guy that’s been in the program for a couple years. ‘Hey I’m going into my senior year my last year. I’m going to be a backup. I’d love the opportunity to go somewhere and start. Go somewhere and play.’ That’s what it’s designed for. I think it’s going to turn into this kind of, ‘Hey, I’m a redshirt freshman. I’m not playing. I don’t want to keep working and wait another year or two, you know, like I don’t want the Kyle Trask story where I’m going to be a huge success. I just need to move and try something else.’

“And I’m nervous about that of the development of college players, and I say this to everybody. This would be a really interesting thing. I can tell you this, I think three to four to five years from now, college football will be very, very different than it is today. I don’t know if it’ll be better or it’ll be worse. And I don’t know how it’s going to be different, but I would feel extremely confident saying it will be very different than it is today. And it’s going to be a wild ride over the next couple of years as we all try to figure this out.”

Or, it could just be a controlled exercise to add key talent at crucial positions of need.  You know, like Kirby Smart’s been doing in Athens.  In any event, if it weren’t for coaches signing those redshirt freshmen who aren’t playing, not so many of them would be taking their talents elsewhere.

“I think it’ll change a lot of how recruiting works,” Mullen said. “Because instead of signing all the high school guys now, coaches are going to sit there and kind of hold some spots for transfers instead of high school guys. And you only have so many guys that you can sign in each class, and you’re going to sit hold some of those. You have name, image and likeness coming on board.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he’s just invented an excuse for why he’s doesn’t recruit any better than he does.


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