Go home, ESPN FPI, you’re drunk.

Welp, this is something.

Georgia’s FPI has dropped significantly from the end of last season.  FPI also has Georgia playing 2021’s 22nd ranked strength of schedule, which, given the current state of the SEC East, seems a might bit ambitious.

I guess I could accept that, at least until I look at the two teams bracketing the Dawgs.  Texas A&M, a spot ahead of the Dawgs, has to break in a new quarterback and replace a fair amount of its offensive line.  Plus, the Aggies play in the tougher neighborhood.  And then, c’mon, Mississippi State eighth?  And closer to Georgia than Georgia is to TAMU?

Either I’m crazy, or this season is going to be.



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12 responses to “Go home, ESPN FPI, you’re drunk.

  1. FPI is the absolute worst ranking system. I’m surprised Bill Connelley hasn’t told their analytics guys that given he’s on their payroll now.

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  2. akascuba

    So Dawg grading 2021 begins by Mickey. No one who actually follows CFB would seriously believe those rankings.
    Good thing we actually get to play games and not depend experts to settle the season for us.
    Reminds me of Herbie stating as fact there will NOT be a 2020 CFB season due to COVID-19.

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  3. kingcmo2000

    Any projection that drops in 100% probabilities is flawed.


  4. This is why we don’t want computers picking the playoff teams. GIGO


    • I don’t think anyone is suggesting the use of preseason computer rankings to select a playoff field.


      • Down Island Way

        The conversation of whether you are crazy or not is a topic for another day Senator, Micky is just setting the table for their updated fpi for next monday following this weekends tackle practice games….


      • Preseason computer rankings are truly a SWAG. I would love to read Bill C’s perspective on the reliability of preseason computer rankings (even his).


    • Even with the computer rankings … any BCS type of ranking will drop the highest and lowest computer ranking to remove the bias in the system’s model.


  5. spur21

    Preseason rankings just fill a football void. The cream doesn’t rise until October and that is when we get meaningful rankings.

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  6. RangerRuss

    Until the Dawgs start to perform up to our expectations we’ll continue to see this sort of shit. It’s not entirely unfounded, ya know. Frankly, I’m weary of every year providing these slugs a reason to Dawgrade. Time to beat ’em all, win a NC and earn their respect. Prove that they’re full of shit.