If you can’t beat him, give up.

You cannot defeat the Sabanator.  You can’t even control him.

The NCAA is considering a change to the “Nick Saban rule,” which prohibits coaches from leaving campus to travel during the spring evaluation period in recruiting. First reported through sources by Bryan Fischer of Athlon Sports, talks on altering the rule will continue at the Division I Council next week.

College football’s record-setting 13-month recruiting dead period ends on June 1, the first moment coaches are once again allowed to meet with recruits and evaluate talent in-person. The so-called “Saban rule” was passed in 2008, which at time, barred head coaches from speaking with recruits on the road but did allow for meetings with coaches and teachers who could share pertinent info on prospects.

… There were complaints around college football that Saban was arranging “coincidental” interactions with recruits, leading to the rule. However, since the rule was enacted, Saban has won six national championships and Alabama has been the nation’s most dominant recruiting entity.

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.  But Nick’s got more interns and analysts than the NCAA does.


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8 responses to “If you can’t beat him, give up.

  1. Down Island Way

    What is this “coincidental” you speak of, i was just on the porch retrieving the morning usa today and your favorite son was right there in the chair next to mine…“coincidental” saban rule my ass..

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  2. aucarson

    Medical redshirts, not coincidental meetings, is the Sabot’s specialty.


    • Derek

      Its truly amazing how much healthier Saban’s recruits have been as compared to Mike Shula’s. Suddenly, no one has career ending injuries AND also suck at football. Seems like he had a rash of those in 2007 and 2008.

      And soon after those career ending injuries were resolved and they played on at Jax State and USA.

      If you didn’t know better, you’d call it I don’t know….cheating?

      Fuck that soulless bastard.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I remember the business in 2008. The Nick Saban KGB brush pass recruit meeting.

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  4. Thats kinda like “tiger proofing” a golf course. They made it longer to prevent the few long hitters like tiger, but it actually separated Tiger further (until time, tech, and players caught up).


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…Nick’s got more interns and analysts than the NCAA does.

    That is true; plus, they know what they are doing as opposed to the NCAA group.

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  6. bigjohnson1992

    Don’t hate the player.


  7. ASEF

    Saban probably has a recruiting DARPA in a secret lab 150’ below Bryant Denny with blast doors.