PAWWWLLL!!!, a master at work

There’s amateur trolling, and then there’s Finebaum, a pro’s pro.

“I don’t want to say anything blasphemous a week and a day after Easter Sunday, but Alabama-Auburn is no longer really the driving rivalry, I think, in the Southeastern Conference,” Finebaum said on the show. “Because everyone understands the reality of it. Nick Saban is going to win, maybe 92.3% of the games or whatever.”

If that’s your rivalry barometer, then Georgia-Florida stopped being a rivalry around 2000.  But I digress.

Finebaum added that his show provides him a good barometer of how heated a rivalry can currently be based on his callers’ reactions.

“I don’t want to speak for you because you live there and I don’t anymore but, on my program, which you know, is a more of an SEC-centric show — if I want to just drop some blood into the water and see sharks circling, it’s about Georgia or Florida. And it’s vicious,” Finebaum added.

“They love nothing more than to remind Georgia fans they haven’t won a national championship in 40 years. It doesn’t matter what Kirby Smart has done, so yeah, I think this is a continuum of the SEC’s current-day great rivalry. And it is vicious.”

If reminding Georgia fans they haven’t won a national championship in 40 years is his definition of a heated rivalry, then we’ve got a heated rivalry with just about every fan base in the SEC, plus Georgia Tech, because that tired line is trotted out by plenty of folks other than Gators on a daily basis.

But that’s not whom Finebaum is really targeting with that, anyway.

The ESPN host went a step further and got in a dig at Auburn’s place in the Iron Bowl rivalry and its former coach.

“Even the most ardent Auburn fan has almost just waved the white flag when it comes to (Nick) Saban now,” he concluded. “Yeah, you know (Gus) Malzahn won three times, which is extraordinary, still got him fired, didn’t he?”

Glad we could be of service, Paul.  By the way, if you’re looking for intense SEC rivalries, you might want to check out Ole Miss – Mississippi State.  Talk about vicious…


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15 responses to “PAWWWLLL!!!, a master at work

  1. Derek

    I’m all for creative ways of saying Auburn sux.


  2. timberridgedawg

    If Tammy from Clanton was still alive, God rest her soul, she would have put on a Auburn rant for the ages.


  3. Down Island Way


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  4. originaluglydawg

    Looming large on the horizon of intense rivalries—-Tennesssee and Vandy!


  5. stoopnagle

    If he really wanted to lay one on Aubbie…

    Auburn vs Bama since 2010: 4-7
    Auburn vs UGA since 2010: 3-9


    • stoopnagle

      Speaking of rivalries… we’re 10 wins behind UT in all-time wins. Will we catch them in ’22 or ’23?


      • waterloodawg

        or ’21?


      • Down Island Way

        Is UGA football and FU a rivalry or just down right #FTMF every day of the year, twice on Saturday’s…nerdfootball is what it is, got nuthing for the barners, does UGA football have a rivalry…once UGA football pisses on the bammers parade multiple times, that could become one, cause to get where you want to go, it travels thru alabamia or there abouts….


  6. aucarson

    Harvey Updyke is spinning in his grave.


    • originaluglydawg

      Didn’t realize he had croaked. Looked it up and he died last summer.
      I wonder if he ever expressed any remorse for killing those trees.
      Did Pawl bring the eulogy?


  7. 81Dog

    Pawwwwwl knows he can rub two AU and Bama fans together and get fire almost immediately. It draws immediate attention to him. Negative attention is still attention. Hate fuels clicks, clicks mean eyeballs, eyeballs mean ad revenue, ad revenue means Pawwwwwwwwwl gets to update his Benz yearly. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. And probably the south of France, or where ever he goes when he takes a break from trolling.


  8. bigjohnson1992

    Yeah, Gus beat saban 3 times and got fired. Delusional. Pretty sure no other coach has that on their resume,