Two bold predictions…

… from 247Sports’ Brad Crawford:

Georgia Bulldogs

Bold prediction: JT Daniels sets single-season record for passing yards. Georgia’s current program high is 3,893, set by Aaron Murray during the 2012 season. If Daniels stays healthy and the Bulldogs play 14 games (regular season, SEC Championship, bowl) this season, he only needs 279 yards per game average to eclipse that mark. Daniels as the Heisman winner could be another bold prediction as long as Georgia’s other top-end wideouts produce in the wake of George Pickens’ absence. Given his success last season in short order down the stretch, Daniels should be one of college football’s most prolific quarterbacks in 2021.

Florida Gators

Bold prediction: Dan Mullen’s team is 4-3, outside of the Top 25 going into the Georgia game. Don’t shoot the messenger, Florida fans — this is a bold prediction after all. The Gators won’t be favored at home vs. Alabama or on the road against LSU prior to the open week pre-Georgia and we’ve already mentioned previously that Kentucky may take out two SEC titans in Lexington this season. But even if this doomsday scenario happens for the defending SEC East champions, the backend of the slate is soft enough for a strong finish after the rivalry showdown in Jacksonville.

Let me go out on a limb here and say that if he’s right, I’m gonna have one big ol’ shit eating grin on my face in Jacksonville this year.


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34 responses to “Two bold predictions…

  1. theotherdoug

    I don’t think either of them are all that bold. It’s easy to see JT Daniels throwing for over 279 yards per game, and we saw what UF looked like without their top receivers in the bowl game.

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  2. mg4life0331

    Hey y’all remembers few years ago when we ended them in the first quarter? Let’s do that again.

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  3. so we are predicting Georgia does good and Florida sux.

    works for me.

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  4. spur21

    I can see Fla being 5 – 2 going into Jacksonville. They could also be 6 – 1 just as easily as being 4 – 3.

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    • miltondawg

      4-3 means losses to Bama, LSU, and one of UK, UT, Florida Atlantic, South Florida, or Vandy. I’m going to go ahead and say that UF isn’t losing to FAU, USF, UT, or Vandy. I agree that 5-2 is more likely than 4-3 or 6-1, but a loss in Lexington isn’t out of the question.

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      • jdawg108

        I wouldn’t have bet on them losing to LSU last year, but somehow they found a way.


        • originaluglydawg

          It was one of the greatest and longest laughs I’ve ever had!!

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          • miltondawg

            The shoe might have been my favorite college football moment in recent memory that didn’t involve a game Georgia was playing in.

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            • I cant believe I missed it. That thing is why I’d watch every game from Thursday to sunday


            • Got Cowdog

              I knew it when he threw the shoe that Karma had gotten ahold of Steely Dan and the boys with her cold clawy fingers and was fixing to squeeze. I had no doubt the field goal was going to be good. Glorious, I tells ya…I’m smiling ear to ear as I type. Cackling a little, even.

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  5. RangerRuss

    Fuck Florida and the mule they rode in on.

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  6. uga97

    Is it a “bold” prediction by adding…”if Daniel’s stays healthy…”, Georgia’s other wideouts produce..” kind of ridiculous to claim he’s bold there. Regardless, the game is pass happy, favors the passing game, our schedule is soft, skill corps deep…let’s just say a shit-ton of record breaking passing yards should be table stakes this season regardless of QB & no Pickens.

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  7. timphd

    As long as the Gators have one more loss AFTER the cocktail party than they did before, I will be a happy Dawg. Don’t really care if they have 0, 1, 2 or 3 losses going in, just make sure they lose THAT DAY.

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  8. akascuba

    After spending an enjoyable morning watching UGA heckling FU fans when Ron Zook brought a turd team to face an unbeaten Georgia team. I’ll never again assume any win it was painful lesson that unforgettable day. Mark Richt to me will always be a DGD he just never understood that FU must be crushed like GT.

    With Kirby Smart I’ll never doubt that he hates FU and understands what must be done to his core. He will own this rivalry like the Ole Ball Sack did.

    It can never be said too often. Fuck FU and the mule they rode in on.

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  9. Munsoning

    I was struggling to make a list of things I hate as much as I do the Gators, so I decided to limit it to Florida things. Still struggling.

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