My biggest takeaway from yesterday

It’s quite simple, really.

If, like me, you walked away from any of the Georgia losses to Alabama in the past decade and wondered (after sighing deeply) what it would be like to support a program that stacked top three classes on top of each other, well, you can quit wondering now.  Kirby’s done it.  Georgia is there.

Don’t take my word for it.

The sheer aggregation of talent is impossible to miss.  It’s there at every level of the defense.  It’s there at the skill positions on offense.  It’s just there.

That isn’t to say I’m guaranteeing a natty this season.  For one thing, Nick Saban hasn’t stopped stacking recruiting classes and there are a few other programs killing it in recruiting, too.  But after seeing what I saw at G-Day, I’m pretty confident in saying after the Clemson game, there won’t be another 2021 regular season opponent that’s going to match Georgia’s sheer depth of talent.  It’s a good feeling to have.


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13 responses to “My biggest takeaway from yesterday

  1. DawgStats

    Gobs of plays and players. All game! Go Dawgs!!


  2. This team is absolutely stacked with talent. The only things that could keep us from being in Atlanta are injuries and any potential knucklehead off-season deeds now that the coaches have little to no interaction with them outside of the weight room.

    Handbags, we’re coming to let you know we haven’t gone anywhere.
    Nerds, we own that dump you call a stadium on North Avenue. 52-7, you’re officially on notice.
    Tigers, we’re ready to continue our domination on the Plains.
    Vols, I’m sure Kirby won’t let the team forget about the cheering of Nick Chubb’s injury.

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  3. Derek

    I really liked how the defense competed. Not sure the offense will face anything like that on Saturday until the postseason, if at all.

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  4. Ran A

    O-Line held up pretty well (I thought). That just might be the best D-Line in the country. Top 3 – easy. Clemson’s D-Line will be their biggest test until Atlanta, where they will have a full season to get better and better. I do expect this team to win the East. Will be shocked if they do not….


    • Bulldawg Bill

      Ran, I’m with you on the OL. Might just be me, but it looked like Mims did great at LT. Didn’t see anything get past him all day.


  5. akascuba

    No question this team is loaded at every position group. It’s a beautiful thing to see.
    My concerns about the secondary have been greatly lessened. The defensive front seven may be the best in the land. I’m great-full our O line gets to practice against them since they are now my biggest worry. Luke has plenty of talent to work with. He needs to get them to work together ASAP unit.

    I see there is also still the opportunity to learn to cover a wheel route.

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  6. akascuba

    As a unit not ASAP


  7. archiecreek

    This is a general comment on the game itself.
    That is the most competitive GDay I’ve ever seen, going back to the spring of 1980. There was no cut in getting after it, except for the touches on the QB and special teams.
    Ones against ones. Twos against twos.
    Kudos to Kirby and the coaches for letting the GDay scrimmage, be a meaningful scrimmage.
    As always…
    GO DAWGS!!

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  8. sjcdawg

    Excuse me, but I might need a private moment alone after reading this (btw, get your shots and let’s fill Sanford this FALL)

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  9. Terry McCullers

    Didn’t see the game yesterday. But all I’m reading and hearing is this team is ready to breakout this year. Puts a smile on my face this Sunday afternoon!