“I think you’ve got two really big questions on… Florida fans’ minds.”

The header on the clip gives away what turns out to be only the second question.  The first?  Well, let’s just say Gator fans are coming around to something we already knew.


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25 responses to ““I think you’ve got two really big questions on… Florida fans’ minds.”

  1. Down Island Way

    “Well, let’s just say Gator fans are coming around to something we already knew.”…are 8 wins enough this year…


  2. gastr1

    Can’t watch 27 minutes of Gator highlights. Somebody give me the tl;dw report. 🙂

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    • theotherdoug

      Question 1 is why is Grantham coming back?
      Question 2 is what will Emory Jones do?

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    • Spell Dawg

      I tried to give it a go, had to FF through 8 minutes in the middle of that fluff piece. Maybe somewhere in those 8 minutes he got critical, otherwise there was one (1!) play against OU at the very end where Jones threw a ball that should have been intercepted. Dude still largely gave him a pass on the play.

      Hard to believe Emory was the same class as Justin Fields. Brice Ramsey had more film than Jones after 3 years. They’ll run up the score against FAU and USF, but Bama on the 18th is going to be ugly. I think Mullen will run a bunch of change-up plays with Richardson in that one, trying to spread out the pain.

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      • miltondawg

        Spell pointed it out, and perhaps I am looking through my red and black glasses, but I find it hard to believe that Emory is going to be the next coming. He’s three years removed from HS and hasn’t been much in Gainesville yet other than a package player behind the starter.


        • I hope you’re right. But we were saying almost the exact same thing about Trask last year…

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          • unionjackgin

            With the added – “Trask didn’t even start in HS” … sigh.


            • miltondawg

              Fair enough, concerning Trask. I guess that I just find it odd that Emory is supposed to be so incredible and had to redshirt his freshman year and saw limited action the last two seasons.


        • Many of us felt the same way about DJ Shockley heading into 2005. He excelled once he had the reins by himself. You never know how someone will react to being The Man. Hope you’re correct though .


  3. hialtdawg

    If Fields doesn’t commit to UGA is Jones on our roster?


  4. David D

    Question 1? Are boogers better sautéed, or pan-fried.

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  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)


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  6. Munsoning

    The question on their minds should be, “How bad is Georgia gonna whip our asses this year?” If Kirby is out for vengeance, and I very much hope he is, it’s gonna get ugly in the best possible way.


  7. originaluglydawg

    My greatest SEC fear is Mullens leaving UF (by hook or crook).
    That will be the next huge difference maker in the SEC.
    Kiffin (I believe to be the next Handbag Honcho) has SOS’s wit and mouth, but he’s more amiable by a mile. He has a similar offensive genius too. He would recruit well and be a pain in our asses.
    Plus the sports media will adore him.

    So I don’t want to wish Mullen a disastrous year for that reason. Let him keep TG and win nine games..as long as one of them isn’t Georgia.
    I wish Sideshow Dan and the handbags the upper end of mediocrity..just enough to keep them hopeful for empty dreams..for a long, long time.

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  8. Tried to watch a bit of this, but then an overwhelming case of the #FTMF came on and I had to stop.

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  9. theorginaldawgabides

    Barrett Sallee just now on Finebaum:” Nobody loves Dan Mullen more than Dan Mullen.”

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