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“for the love of the game”

The Texas Senate passed passed a bill Thursday that would allow college athletes in the state to be paid for NIL use.  Some of its members swallowed hard about it, though.

Some other lawmakers begrudgingly supported the bill, claiming the change would negatively impact college athletics which should be played “for the love of the game” rather than compensation which some feared would have negative consequences on collegiate athletics.

Recruiting is amateurism’s Kryptonite.  Except in the great state of North Carolina, apparently, where, the athletic directors at Duke and North Carolina have pushed for restraint and caution on the NIL front and the legislature has followed their lead.  (I bet Mack Brown is thrilled by that.)



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One week ago, today

I can never get enough of this camera angle.



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Heading for the exits

First, rumors that Mark Emmert is a possibility as LSU’s head honcho and now this…

I don’t know about you, but for me, a certain metaphor about sinking ships and desertion comes to mind.


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