“Everybody’s worried about the quarterback.”

It’s the most important position on the field.  And it’s college football’s best conference.  So, taken together, you might want to take a look at this piece summarizing the quarterback competitions across the SEC as spring practice ends.

A couple of quick, short takes:  one, and perhaps most obvious, is that Georgia and Ole Miss are sitting pretty compared with the rest of the conference in having returning quarterbacks ensconced as the clear number ones.

Two, a question.

– LSU has three quarterbacks who started multiple games last season, though Myles Brennan would appear to be the favorite again. He replaced Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrows last season and was off to a good start before a torn abdominal muscle ended his season three games in.

TJ Finley logged five starts but Max Johnson replaced him for the final two games and won both in the Tigers’ disappointing follow-up to a national championship season. Freshman Garrett Nussmeier joins the group.

“There is no starting quarterback,” LSU coach Ed Orgeron said. “They’re all competing and all four of them are very, very talented.”

– Tennessee left spring camp with another intriguing situation. Hendon Hooker, a graduate transfer from Virginia Tech, could face additional competition with former Michigan passer Joe Milton expected to arrive as a summer enrollee.

That would give first-year Volunteers coach Josh Heupel five scholarship quarterbacks, provided they all stick around.

So, which is it?  When you say you have no starting quarterback, you have no quarterback, or when you have five quarterbacks, you have no quarterback?

The first month of the 2021 season is going to be interesting.


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31 responses to ““Everybody’s worried about the quarterback.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I have a vision dancing in my head that J.T. Daniels could, if they let him, sling it around like John Elway in college. He just seems more a gunslinger than a machine.
    A Keith Jackson comment I remember: “Anything can happen with Elway in the game, and usually does.” I think Elway was pulling off about a three score 4th quarter comeback against Ohio State.


    • Derek

      No one has Elway’s talent. Stafford may be the closest. Favre was a similar player. Elway could move, extend, scramble AND he had a cannon.

      Repeatedly took 3-13 teams to the super bowl….on his back.

      JT is more of a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady type. Enough of an arm but what makes everything happen for him is above the shoulders. He’s not going to wow anyone with his wheels or escapability. One reason that the OL coming together is so important is that the defense knows where to find him.

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    • Odontodawg

      Appreciate this comment, Hogbody. Not going to criticize it.


  2. Derek

    Bumper Pool should hire himself out to these coaches as a way of separating the wheat from the chaff. Especially, among those who are wowing the coaches with their athleticism prancing about ever so confidently in their green non-contact jersey.

    “Well, he looks the part, but don’t we really need to know?”

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    • The QB of whom you refer seems to have won the job at Temple.


      • Derek

        Good for him. We know he does very well in practice. And in a game until….

        Its a damn shame that the kid had his priorities rearranged by one brutal hit but it happens.

        The reason we have 32 nfl teams and less than 20 competent nfl qbs was explained by Little Bill Daggett in Unforgiven:

        “Yeah, that’s why there’s so few dangerous men around like old Bob, like me. It ain’t so easy to shoot a man anyhow, especially if the son-of-a-bitch is shootin’ back at you. I mean, that’ll just flat rattle some folks.”

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        • Biggen

          Yup. I went back and re-watched the first half of the Arkansas game last weekend Mathis was good (more than serviceable anyway) until that hit on the sidelines. I think he is probably a better QB than most of us gave him credit for but learning on the job is a poor way for a QB to go through life. Especially in the SEC.

          I think he will do fine at Temple.

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          • Derek

            He was VERY good until he got hit. A small sample but he was big, quick, fast and accurate enough and then BAM!

            He was done playing football…

            Maybe he’ll be fine but I doubt it. You either worry about getting hit or you don’t. If you’re worried about it, you’ll struggle because it can happen on every play.


          • bigjohnson1992

            Sorry. He was awful.


            • Biggen

              No need to be sorry. He ain’t my kid. Im not sure I’d classify him as awful though. The coaches started him so they must have seen something in him to make them think he could play. They didn’t anticipate the effect of him getting hit though. He fell apart after that.


    • Russ

      Never understood how that wasn’t reviewed for targeting. Lead with the head, launched into D’wan’s head, text book targeting in my book.

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  3. The Corn Dogs have to be lying in wait to pounce this year. There’s way too much talent on the bayou for them to have been so bad last year. If they find a QB, they’ll be dangerous.

    OTOH, the dumpster fire in Knoxville is totally out of control as they take a ton of cast-offs to figure who replaces Guano. It’s going to be a long year in East Tennessee.


  4. biggusrickus

    Orgeron’s engaging in coachspeak to keep everyone there. Brennan will start, and Johnson will back him up, because unless he’s dramatically improved, Finley isn’t good.

    Tennessee’s a mess, and all of their QB options probably range from mediocre to bad.


    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      IT has one QB that potentially is good and he needs to get the hell out of there before his career gets ruined.


  5. spur21

    I don’t think prior starts are at the top of the list. There are many examples of first year starters that have excelled. I think a larger factor is basic talent and the surrounding cast of skill players


  6. Whatever happened to the Tennessee QB that had his central nervous system rearranged by Stokes?

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  7. californiadawg

    How ready do you think Bryce Young is? Possible Bama takes a small step backwards this year?


  8. Teacher Martin

    You could walk down McFarland and pick up a guy off the street to be QB at Alabama and they would still win.