Your Daily Gator philosophizes.

Gawd, this is such horseshit.

Allow me to retort.


When Mullen actually wins an SECCG and makes the CFP field, please get back to us on that debate.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to check that portal while Kirby keeps racking up top three classes.



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  1. RangerRuss

    Aw, just fuck those motherfuckers.
    Geebus H Cripes.

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  2. Dopey and the Handbags deserve each other. They are absolute fools. Everyone except people around the armpit of Florida called Hogtown knows both are important. That’s how Saban has built the Bama dynasty. Bring in blue chips, and make them into football players. I guess the Handbags have never heard the Bear talk about chicken salad.

    For RR, I have to give them a hearty #FTMF.

    On a separate topic and being a fool, I was impressed with Elijah Moore’s interview that was recorded before the draft about the leg hike. He owned it and admitted it was wrong. I’m guessing it cost him some money because of draft position.

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  3. What a lazy fucking narrative. Man offseason is too long.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

      If we can count on the ‘turds and ‘turd-adjacent people for anything, it’s lazy narratives. 😂


  4. NotMyCrossToBear

    Hey Goldkamp:

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  5. jdawg108

    I saw somewhere they were saying the Bucs drafted Trask as heir apparent to Brady.


    • I would have taken Davis Mills over Tras[h] if I’m looking for a QB who has staying power at the next level … better arm and more athletic. If you want to talk about comparisons, I would love to see a few years down the road if Kirby made the right decision to recruit Fromm over Mills. The problem was Mills wasn’t going to be a mid-year enrollee and had been injured in the AAA championship game in a dirty hit by Jadon Haselwood.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Yeah! He’s just like him.


  6. The narrative that Dan Mullen is a great recruiter and great coach has become so sacrosanct among the pundits that they will look past output and stats to continue to keep that notion intact. The man literally started a QB who hadn’t hardly played a down of high school football and college ball and out of a miracle it worked.

    2020 was great for Georgia, regardless of our personal outcome, because it showed that the Florida win was more about injuries and attrition than coaching (outside of those fucking wheel routes we never found a solution to) and it keeps yet another dipshit firmly entrenched in Gainesville a little while longer, or at least until the Jets hire Mullen away. When Bennett and Rosemy-Jacksaint went down in one play that sucked the wind out of our sails, but the fact that Florida literally threw away that win and their best shot at the SECCG and playoff berth like so much lost football cleat is more telling about Mullen than the WLOCP.

    2021 will be the redemption tour 2.0 like 2017, and I’m sure Kirby and Co have the Florida game in their sights to be something that will be Tarantino-esque in nature.

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    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      Someone should spray paint “Ezekiel 25:17” in the Gators locker room before the WLOCP.


    • ZeroPOINTzero

      “ The narrative that Dan Mullen is a great recruiter and great coach…”

      The typical narrative is that he’s a bad recruiter but such a great coach that he turns chicken shit into chicken salad. That allows the gator faithful to give him a pass on his lazy recruiting and clown show antics. Deep down they know it’s not enough and that taste in their mouths is chicken shit they’ve been eating.

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      • siskey

        Here’s the thing about that his two best seasons; 2014 and 2020 both saw great highs and then late season collapses. In 2014 they got run out of the Orange bowl by Tech and then last year they had the LSU debacle followed by losing to Oklahoma. I’ve always heard it’s how you finish and they limped to an ass kicking against Oklahoma so much so that Oklahoma is now near “elite” and have cured their defensive problems.
        My dream is that he becomes their Richt (no disrespect ) but someone who does well enough but goes 5-10 or worse against us.

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        • 81Dog

          This is an excellent observation. Mullen fans love to bray “he had Miss State ranked #1!”, which conveniently ignores their total collapse after they gor that ranking. 2020 Florida was basically the same thing: “he beat UGA, he’s a wiz at developing talent!”, but then the total collapse. FTMFs. 🙂

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      • californiadawg

        Funny how he’s such a great coach but ended the season with three straight losses.

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      • Don’t forget that those who wax the positive on Mullen praise his ability to work the portal, hence the “Portal Master”. I think Mullen is nothing more that fish fry 2.0. Someone who strikes hot once in a while but not enough to be relevant and employed. He is Paul Johnson with a little more tact. I said “a little more” while sniffing glue, if that matters.


    • jdawg108

      And their receivers pushing off our DBs in the first half.

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  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    One takes their positives where one can find them. To me, this one seems a little more in the bullshit genre than horseshit.

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    • Down Island Way

      It’s alllll Bullshit, but more horseshit than cowshit, the FU hc doesn’t know jackshit but is full of shit, if he fell out of a boat in an ocean made of shit, he still couldn’t hit shit, ya know that white stuff on top of chicken shit, it’s chicken shit also just right for his chicken shit salad, FU hc must know some shit cause that’s all that comes out of his face, he’s got that shit eatin’ grin, except when he’s eatin’ a shit sandwich…if FU wins 7/8 games this season, I’ll be the first to say holy fucking SHIT…excuse me, gotta go poo now….

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  8. MGW

    The guy can coach a team to play above their talent, sure. But you won a single game in Jax by two touchdowns when we didn’t even have a quarterback. Take it easy.

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  9. practicaldawg

    It’s clear the NFL just doesn’t know how to identify talent as well as Mullen

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  10. siskey

    We always make the analogy about Florida fans now and “Us” in the 90s and the “Kirby can’t coach, he can just recruit” is the equivalent of “Well, Spurrier is an asshole..” in that even if both were true it just shows the jealousy of the two fan bases.
    What I want to see is what happens when the recruits Dan signed are draft eligible, remember that Pitts, Trask and Toney are McElwain guys.
    FTMF! and maybe we can run off a 18-3 streak against those self awareness lacking dicks.

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  11. Got Cowdog

    Sorry, I’m working off the phone if anyone beat me to it.
    I figure Kirbs will hammer the point home by about 30 this year

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  12. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Who the fuck is Timothy Goldnarp anyway?

    Fuck THAT motherfucker!

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  13. Grandy Peace

    You are underselling the absurdity and awfulness with “horseshit”, TBH.

    Where did the idea come from that if a 5* kid goes in the first round, zero player development took place?


  14. armydawg

    We used to have to burn shit in Vietnam and as I recall it did stink like Florida.

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  15. junkyardawg41

    Kirby is now rounds complete. 4 for 4. Congrats Trey!


  16. Russ

    I guess I should feel bad that Newman wasn’t drafted. But I’m a petty person.


  17. stoopnagle