So much for the quarterback whisperer

I don’t know about you, but if this comes true, I’m gonna laugh my ass off at those Auburn fans who kept insisting Gus Malzahn was grooming the next Heisman Trophy winner every damned year:


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  1. Greg

    Probably can run fast and throw hard. As much about what is between the ears & leadership…..than physical skill set.

    Proof is in the pudding….the SEC is a tough neighborhood.


  2. sniffer

    The most head scratching decision, imo, was his lack of development of Bo Nix. Kid doesn’t appear to be coachable. Won’t stay in the pocket, throws on the run when ill advised, etc. Gus couldn’t get the kid to come around. Had to drive The Bus crazy.


    • sniffer

      If your post was about Willis, sorry for the highjack..🤓


    • Agreed. So much hype around that dude, particularly after that late game-winning drive in the 2019 opener against Oregon—enough that all the pundits ignored the fact that before that drive, he’d been 9-of-25 for 124 yards.

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    • gastr1

      Since when have staying in the pocket and throwing on the run anytime at all not been features (rather than bugs) of a Malzahn offense? Nix was doing exactly what they wanted him to do, IMO. (And lol.)


  3. unionjackgin

    I thought Willis’s success at Liberty (under Hugh Freeze no less) and the struggles of Auburn, Nix and Malzahn last season was one of the more underreported stories of 2020.

    Maybe it was more of topic for the Auburn fans but seems to me it should have been more of national story.


  4. Russ

    Liberty is going to be tough this season. They were near the top of that returning production list from the other day. I’m sure Willis will get plenty of press this fall.


  5. Illini84

    Speaking of QB’s, Xin Loi jerk . “Former Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Jamie Newman has gone undrafted in the 2021 NFL draft. Newman transferred to the University of Georgia from Wake Forest following the 2019 college football season.

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  6. theorginaldawgabides

    I actually thought by the post title it was going to be about Newman’s grifter QB coach.

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  7. jdawg108

    I keep waiting on a Jamie Newman take… I actually felt bad for the kid this past weekend. Whoever was whispering in his ear should never work again.

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  8. Munsoning

    Newman said he was opting out “to prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft” (, then dropped a couple of hashtags, including #GodsPlan. Son, don’t blaspheme. God doesn’t make dumb-as-dirt plans.

    BTW, Quincy Avery is the QB coach/self-described “big brother/self-described “future agent” who helped convince Newman to opt out ( What a peach that guy is. He sure did cash in on Newman’s UDFA…oh, wait.

    Whatever Newman majored in at Wake, it didn’t require the use of his brain.

    Munsoning out. Past my damn bedtime.

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    • 81Dog

      Wow. Quincy Avery quoted in the SI article to the effect “we all know college football won’t be played this year.” He’s not the only one to be wrong about that, but in hindsight, quite a spectacular miss. Just goes to show how wrong “everyone knows” hot takes can be. I guess being a training/workout guru doesn’t mean you’re an expert on everything, or anything else.

      As for Newman, I have zero feelings. I wish him no ill, and I owe him no loyalty. He came to UGA to help his draft status, and I was glad to get him. Then, for whatever reason, he decided to leave without playing a snap. His decision was his business, no question. That it seems to have been a miscalculation at some level: was he just not that good? Was the lack of live action a developmental hindrance? Did opting out on top of a transfer indicate some red flags? All of the above? None of the above? Whatever it was, it certainly didn’t work out for him. Jamie Newman is, for me, like a random guy in China who was in a hurt in a car wreck. As a fellow human, you hate to see anyone hurt. But, i dont know him, I haven’t done anything to cause his misery, and it really has zero effect on my life. Other players probably had draft day disappointments. C’est le guerre. I am basically indifferent. If he becomes an NFL MVP, great. If he gets cut this summer, ok. I’ve spent more time writing this than I will thinking about him for the rest of my life, probably.

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      • Totally agree about Newman. He made a decision based on his own self-interest and so be it. Don’t understand the antipathy he’s being shown by UGA fans.

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        • 81Dog

          There’s no telling what Newman would have actually been, even if he stayed. He might have been great. He might have been inconsistent. He might have left us clamoring for the promise of Dwan Mathis (who i not only don’t dislike, I will actively pull for). It’s unknowable, and therefore not worth investing any of my energy in play g “what if?” He came. He worked out. He left. I’d rather focus on the guys we have than the ones who bailed,especially one who never took an actual snap.


      • Munsoning

        I guess Newman’s opting-out gives a certain kind of UGA FB fan yet another opportunity to play the “what if” game. Tough not to play the game when talking about the 2012 SEC Championship, or the 2007 loss to the Chickens. Who knows what Newman would have done as a Dawg, though? And, as you point out, no one should care.

        When I found out that he, following the advice of Avery, bet that FBS games wouldn’t be played in ’20-’21, the timing and stakes of that bet surprised me. Haven’t read Seth on the subject ( but there was too much money to be made by the schools, networks, and advertisers, and too much COVID-related uncertainty, to have decided that the season wouldn’t be played THREE WEEKS before the first game.

        Moving on to other topics in 3…2…1….