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The transfer portal opens both ways.

Believe it or not, Georgia is losing another member of the secondary.

Let’s see… subtract the 1, carry the 5…

Unless Kirby is about to pull some new faces out of the portal.  Which I’m pretty confident he’ll do.

Jahmile Addae is going to have a stressful August, methinks.



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Best “do it for the kids” excuse evah

Of course it has to be in reference to playoff expansion.  Of course.

… For instance, asks one commissioner, do you know what percentage of teams advance to their postseason championship event in an average NCAA sport?

The answer is about 18–25%. In football, that number is 3%.

“A football player has a statistically much lower chance of competing in a postseason tournament than any other athletes,” a committee member says. “That’s worth thinking about.”

Sure, dude.  Pay no attention to those sweet checks Mickey is about to rain down on the P5 conferences.  You’re doing it to raise the hopes of every player who suits up for Vanderbilt!

As we like to point out around here, when they say it’s not about the money…


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Kirby Smart’s biggest coaching flaw

No, that’s not it, Michigan fan.  Wait a minute — Michigan fan?  Seriously, dude?  But I digress, I guess.

Here’s the real shortcoming.

If Smart were a better coach, he wouldn’t have to face Alabama for championships so often.  Or something like that.  (Which is not to say that Saban isn’t a road block for UGA.  He absolutely is.  But let me know how, say, Harbaugh would fare against Alabama if Michigan were in the SEC West.)


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The “I hate Jamie Newman and I hate Quincy Avery for making me hate Jamie Newman” Invitational comment thread

Sweet Jesus, y’all are driving me crazy with this crap.  Obsess away in the comments and leave the rest of the threads in peace.


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Losing the plot

All this recruiting vs. development crap misses a big point — sure, it’s nice to win a “which team had more players drafted” debate, but ultimately, that’s not what they’re paying Mullen and Smart the big bucks for.

This is.

I’ll take a wins gap over a draft pick gap every day of the week and twice on Saturdays.


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This is what I’m talking about.

As much as I enjoyed mocking Paul Johnson, from a Georgia perspective, having a Georgia Tech head coach who couldn’t recruit his way out of a paper bag if you gave him a flash light and shoved him towards the open end wasn’t a good thing, because it made the state a more inviting place for rival SEC programs to come in and harvest talent.

So let me be the first to say I welcome our new Waffle House overlord — not over Kirby Smart, but the rest of the usual suspects.

Georgia Tech picked up a landmark commitment for its 2022 recruiting class Saturday, when four-star safety Jaron Willis from Lee County High announced his decision to accept a scholarship offer to join the Yellow Jackets.

Willis is rated the No. 17 prospect in the state of Georgia (247Sports Composite) and also the No. 150 overall prospect in the country…

In March, Willis listed six finalists – Tech, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky and Ole Miss.  [Emphasis added.]

Tech can make a good living in the ACC with in state recruits that Smart passes on.  Good for them.  And if along the way the Jackets make life on the recruiting trail harder for the likes of Dan Mullen, good for us.


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A Dawg porn-y 2022 NFL Mock Draft

Fox Sports has two Georgia players going in the first round of this way too early mock draft, including this guy:

1. Detroit Lions: JT Daniels, QB, Georgia

The Lions tore the house down to the studs, and the rebuild began this past weekend with lots of work in the trenches. I’m not sure they’ll reach their projected win total of five, but they will be much tougher physically than last year.

Oh, boy.


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Musical palate cleanser, Van the Man edition

Van Morrison has a new album coming out in about a week.  Here is a cut from it, “Love Should Come with a Warning”.  It’s nicely soulful.


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