Best “do it for the kids” excuse evah

Of course it has to be in reference to playoff expansion.  Of course.

… For instance, asks one commissioner, do you know what percentage of teams advance to their postseason championship event in an average NCAA sport?

The answer is about 18–25%. In football, that number is 3%.

“A football player has a statistically much lower chance of competing in a postseason tournament than any other athletes,” a committee member says. “That’s worth thinking about.”

Sure, dude.  Pay no attention to those sweet checks Mickey is about to rain down on the P5 conferences.  You’re doing it to raise the hopes of every player who suits up for Vanderbilt!

As we like to point out around here, when they say it’s not about the money…


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20 responses to “Best “do it for the kids” excuse evah

  1. Castleberry

    Shaking my head. I know it’s wishful thinking on my part, but is there any chance the P5 ADs and Commissioners pump the brakes, and look at the whole picture before they dive in on BIG playoffs?

    Like compare regular season attendance with football and big tournament sports. I haven’t seen any numbers but it can’t be close. Especially total tickets (not %) Is the extra $ from a big tourney worth lost ticket revenue? The funny part is – the “rich get richer” schools will be the ones that keep selling out and go deep in the playoffs…


  2. kevinsauer

    54% of FBS teams make bowl games


    • spur21

      Is that a function of talent or team worthiness or the fact that we now have more bowl games than ever before.

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    • Greg

      Outside of the top 4 teams, the bowl games have become totally irrelevant for most….unless UGA is playing (me).

      The players, the fans ain’t watching.

      If the number of teams are increased to compete for the championship game, it will create more interest and would think you wouldn’t see as many players sitting out….”there’s a chance”.

      “Any given Saturday”

      Don’t know what the right answer is, but the way it is now certainly isn’t. I would like to see it, you don’t know until you know.


      • kevinsauer

        i’d argue the comment that fans aren’t watching. there’s an economic model that says otherwise.

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        • Greg

          Would love to see the “economic model”.

          No doubt they probably are making money or they wouldn’t do it. But my guess is, there has been a slow decline……and there will continue to be.


          • PTC DAWG

            Cheap programing for ESPN.


          • kevinsauer

            agreed, there has been a decline and the reaction has been thinning from 40 to 35 bowl games. still a lot! and even half of that is still more teams than a 16 team playoff.

            I’m only pointing out the error in saying there’s no postseason, or a small one, for NCAAF.

            There’s a large one, and it used to matter more before implimenting a smaller one. Which now needs to grow to supplant the larger one it made ojectivly obsolete.

            reap, sow, etc.


    • Harold Miller

      How dare you obfuscate their points with your tawdry facts!


    • Kevin, you’ve hit on something I’ve been thinking about. The value of the non-playoff bowl games is not in the money to the schools or the conferences. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have had so many schools opt out of the bowl season especially in a season of reduced ticket revenues and refunded contributions. It’s in the extra 10-15 practices between final exams and the bowl game. With shortened spring practice, coaches are using those practices to evaluate their returning players. That’s why teams are willing to go to Shreveport, El Paso, Detroit, and Boise in December.


  3. Yea, so Bowls don’t count?


    • dawg100

      No, that is just a week long, all expenses paid holiday with a swag and a fun game at the end (on TV) in your chosen sport … for those teams that DON’T make their sport’s playoffs.


  4. The Decider

    I can’t believe these fools that run college football don’t see that they’re killing our beloved sport. Is there nothing that can be done to stop it?

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  5. akascuba

    When people like Bill Hancock answer any question the #1 consideration is themselves closely followed by its all always about the money. Nothing else is even close.

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  6. spur21

    I don’t know for sure but my guess is most of the decision makers didn’t play football past the high school level if at all. They want everybody to get a trophy regardless.

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  7. argondawg

    One day someone from a major conference or school is just gonna say “You know people we can make a lot more money if we expand the playoffs. That means everybody associated with football will get a raise except the athletes. We like money and our budgets are not nearly bloated enough for us.” If they said this I would at least respect them grabbing the bag and the honesty. take it from someone who is about to have their third kid in college all at the same time. It is not just the athletic departments that have figured out how to grow their pockets. The institutions themselves are just as adept at it.


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