Kirby Smart’s biggest coaching flaw

No, that’s not it, Michigan fan.  Wait a minute — Michigan fan?  Seriously, dude?  But I digress, I guess.

Here’s the real shortcoming.

If Smart were a better coach, he wouldn’t have to face Alabama for championships so often.  Or something like that.  (Which is not to say that Saban isn’t a road block for UGA.  He absolutely is.  But let me know how, say, Harbaugh would fare against Alabama if Michigan were in the SEC West.)



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  1. I mean, sure, if you ignore what LSU has last year and that Alabama actually has more. Can’t have any more years like 2020 and I feel like he deserves somewhat of a pass for 2020. Stuff like this is for people who don’t actually pay attention.

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  2. What is it about Michigan fans’ obsession with the Georgia football program? I guess they are trying to deflect legitimate criticism of the fact Khaki Pants hasn’t beaten anOSU (and has been run out of the stadium a bunch) and that Michigan truly does less with more (I don’t believe they have appeared in the B1GCG since its inception) than any program in the country. Hell, you could make the case the blue blood Wolverines were playing 2nd fiddle to little brother Michigan State for most of Harbaugh’s tenure. If Kirby had Khaki Pants’s record against our little brother (Fech), he would have already been run out of Athens.

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  3. David K

    Until we get over the hump and win one, this will never go away. Spurrier made the same digs at us. Losing the East last year didn’t help the narrative either. And the 2019 offense was ugly as hell despite all the talent. We’ve earned our label.

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    • Derek

      In fairness SOS also questioned how Saban ever lost a game given his recruiting rankings. He was always an equal opportunity asshole.

      You know, a gator.

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  4. akascuba

    Winning a NC is the only ways this stops.

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  5. gotthepicture

    1. Look at the 247 team talent composite.
    See who is #5… that’s the correct answer. Yes, they beat us in a bowl, but check records over the same period.

    For the Michigan assholes, they can kindly refer to the most recent Josh Pate video, where he notes that they put a lot of guys in the NFL, but they just can get it done on the field.

    When was the last time they beat Ohio St, 1997 or something like that?


  6. classiccitycanine

    Michigan is utterly irrelevant, but the point stands that going 1 for 13 on five stars is a problem of development that Kirby needs to fix.

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  7. DawgStats

    Michigan has had more players drafted, pays coach more, and fewer losses. So Michigan armchair QB can kiss my ass

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  8. Two words shut Michigan fans up every single time: Ed Martin. That’s it. It completely undercuts all their Holier than Thou bullshit.


  9. theorginaldawgabides

    Somebody show this tool the draft/winning percentage list from the other post.


  10. Castleberry

    If you think this ends with a natty you’re fooling yourself. It gets turned down, and if we come up short the following year – “was it a flash in the pan?” “can he prove it wasn’t a fluke?” “did he go soft?” “can’t keep it at that level…” “blind squirrel”, “Saban had a hurt shoulder” and so on.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Yep. Some things are as predictable as the Sun rising in the morning.
      This is exactly what will happen.
      Dawgrading will always be in style for the jealous.

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    • stoopnagle

      If/When we win one, it’ll be because something went wrong at Bama.

      It’s like anytime a SEC team loses a bowl game: “They just didn’t want to be there”

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    • 81Dog

      I’m sure the criticism won’t end, but I’m willing to find out ASAP. 🙂


  11. Munsoning

    I live in anOSU country. Buckeyes fans love to mock UM for their certainty that Harbaugh was the next Saban–not a home-run hire but a grand-slam. This, I guess, makes UM fans resent UGA. Dawgs hired a guy who might actually be the next Saban.

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  12. Scotty King

    2nd and Kirby. LOL

    Actually, I’d rather have Kirby than any other (realistic) choice to replace him.

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    • Down Island Way

      Since this is speculation Monday, let’s play along…look at the crap being said about CKS after the 1st big trophy…oooooh he got lucky…2nd title, why shouldn’t he win, UGA has so many 5* athletes, 3rd trip to the podium, well, with that schedule they should win it all… rings and trophies won’t stop the BS machine…

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  13. stoopnagle

    LOL. Michigan.

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  14. Whiskey Dawg

    The QB in that armchair is facing the corner with a cone on his head.

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  15. Brent Henry

    Has anyone mentioned the fact that Eric Stokes was a three star RB coming out high school who first started playing Defense in his senior year? I guess Eric developed himself into a first rounder Cornerback!

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  16. ASEF

    Kirby gets measured against 2019 LSU or 2020 Alabama. Michigan measures itself against Northwestern. Who, it should be noted, had 2 first round picks this year. Which is 1 more than Michigan managed.

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  17. charlottedawg

    So I haven’t verified the numbers but 1 out of the 13 5 stars signed sounds about right and is actually a completely legitimate criticism of kirby as well as a key reason we can’t get past bama. For context if call it 20-25% of 5stars end up as first rounders, then the 1 out 13 Is either awful player development or talent identification. by and large where these guys are getting drafted is almost 1 to 1 correlated with their production in college, which is why bama had 6guys in the first round while we had 1. You saw it last year in our game against alabama, their guys were just better across the board, not just at QB. Campbell was nowhere near as good as patrick surtain. Aside from pickens none of our wide receivers would start at bama. None of our backs are as good najee. We’ve never had a QB as good as Tua or mac Jones. The list goes on and on at position after position. As I’ve said before, kirby is taking elite recruits and turning them into good players, saban is taking elite recruits and turning them into elite players. If we want our ceiling to be more than just sec east champs we’re going to need to get significantly better at developing elite talent.

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    • siskey

      I agree in part but outside of a 5 Star QB or maybe a WR I can see how being a 5 star may not correlate to being drafted in the first round. I am not sure what Cleveland was but he is a guard which is a similar situation to any running back on the team now or in the future or even DBs. Two DBs were drafted but I can’t tell you that Horn was better than Stokes or Campbell in terms of the team’s success or even watching a few South Carolina games last year. Some positions are just unlikely to become 1st round picks. If not how do you explain how many QBs are drafted each year in the first round with how those guys actually played in college.


  18. Dawg19

    This is like a stripper lecturing anyone on life choices.

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  19. dawgphan34

    I suspect that a lot of this is a result of Smart early in his tenure focusing his staffing on recruiting. Which was probably a good idea you need to play catchup on talent.

    Here’s the thing, there is nothing wrong with not being great at player development as measured by the NFL draft results. It’s just a different method of winning football games. Smart recruits like crazy. I would rather recruit like crazy than worry about my development plan for a bunch of teenagers.


  20. stoopnagle

    What would the score be if Michigan and Georgia tee’d up today?


  21. Here are some facts that are being conveniently left out of the CKS dunking regarding “less with more”.
    Upon CNS’s arrival at Alabama he had 11 previous years of D-1 head coaching experience (and a brief NFL cup of coffee). CKS-Zero Head coaching experience.
    2008-Draft was Nick Saban’s first as Alabama HC and Bama had ZERO players drafted (which might speak to how pitiful the cupboard was from Shula/Franchione/Coach Lapdance).
    Here are Saban’s next four drafts:
    09’- 4 (1-1’s, 3-3’s)
    10’- 7 (2-1’s, 2-2’s, 1-3’s, 2-7’s)
    11’- 5 (4-1’s, 1-7’s)
    12’- 8 (4-1’s, 1-2’s, 2-5’s, 1-7’s)

    Here are Smart’s after his first five seasons as a head coach (Note: his first draft 17’ GA had 1 player drafted McKenzie)
    18’- 6 ( 3-1’s, 1-2’s, 1-3’s, 1-7’s)
    19’- 7 (1-1’s, 1-2’s, 1-4’s, 1-5’s, 1-6’s, 2-7’s)
    20’- 7 (2-1’s, 1-2’s, 1-4’s, 1-5’s, 1-6’s, 1-7’s)
    21’- 9 (1-1’s, 2-2’s, 3-3’s, 1-5’s, 1-6’s, 1-7’s)

    Saban had 11 -1st rounders in his first five seasons @ Bama
    Smart had 7 – 1st rounders in his first five seasons @ UGA
    It took Saban 6 seasons at. Bama (at that point 17 College HC experience) to get to 9 draft picks. Smart just hit that number in year 5 of HC experience.
    It took Saban 10 seasons at Bama (at that point 21 years of College HC experience) to get to double digits (10) in one draft. He posted a high of 12 picks the next year (which was the draft after Smarts first year as UGA Head Coach).
    I, for one, am willing to be patient and watch the trajectory of Smart’s recruiting and development begin to kick in. Saban had the luxury of honing his craft/system at Toledo & Michigan State before stepping into the crucible that is the SEC. Without a doubt Saban is the greatest College HC of this era. What Smart has done to this point should not be dismissed based on the lack of a Natty.

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  22. TN Dawg


    The old Kirby gets a free pass because it’s his first head coaching job bit.

    What a joke.

    Acting like it was a rebuilding gig with an upstart young hot-shot coach.

    Kirby was brought in because we were told a Richt’s 10 wins a year was unacceptable, we need to take it to the next level.

    Now we’ve got “We knew Kirby was young and had to find his voice” nonsense.


  23. bigjohnson1992

    Regardless of where this guy went to school, he isn’t totally wrong. But I sincerely hope (and really think) that kirby has grown up a lot as a coach over the last few years.


  24. 4thkirby

    They’re not wrong. Beat Saban and it shuts everything down.