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Not the history you were expecting



War Dawgs!


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Today, in (preseason) talk is cheap

Barrett Sallee includes this nugget on his list of post-spring overreactions for each SEC team:

Florida: Third-and-Grantham is a thing of the past

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has been a lightning rod for criticism after a lackluster season in 2020. That has changed … at least according to head coach Dan Mullen. It’s nearly impossible to have a steadfast opinion on Florida’s spring due to the lack of spring game and access. But Mullen touted Grantham’s defense after every scrimmage, which is music to the ears of Florida fans. If that translates to the fall, then look out, SEC East.

And what song will Mullen be singing after the 2021 season is over, I wonder.


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When it comes to playoff expansion, greed is good.

I give Brandon Marcello credit for honing in on what’s driving the postseason expansion train.  He flat out nails it here:

Why the change of heart? TV ratings and money. Die-hard fans do not feed the TV beast. The money drivers are the casual fans, the family who might tune in for one game a year. It’s this group that, like any casual TV viewer, grows tired of watching reruns every January in primetime.

You and I don’t matter as much in college football’s (okay, more like Mickey’s) brave new world.  It’s all about finding the most efficient way to attract the greatest number of eyeballs at the right moment.  Hearts aren’t relevant.  And our fate will matter less and less as time goes on and bank accounts grow.

But take a sec, humor me and go through all of Marcello’s expanded playoff scenarios for last season.  Do any of them really move the needle for you?  Tell me why in the comments.


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Opportunity is nowhere.

It just so happens that when you’re a linebacker in the transfer portal, nowhere is located in Knoxville.

“I definitely noticed the linebacker group don’t have that much depth,” Mitchell said. “I definitely paid attention to that. I definitely feel like I can come in and help the defense right away.”

Heupel’s staff, led by first-year linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary, has made it clear to Mitchell that he should have every opportunity to play a major role in Tennessee’s defense from the moment he arrives on campus.

“They never said a specific linebacker position, but they definitely said it’s basically going to be on me to mess it up,” Mitchell said. “Basically, I’m starting when I come in.”

Gotta admit, “Have a pulse?  You start tomorrow” is an effective sales pitch.  Luckily for Tennessee, it’s not a one-shot offer.


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“Tray Scott has quite the rotation to work with.”

Serious question:  of the two teams in Georgia’s opener, which has the better defensive front?

With Bresee and Murphy leading the way, Clemson’s is seriously loaded, but I’m hard pressed to think of a time when Georgia ran a deeper front itself.   Looks like it’s gonna be a helluva battle to see which gets the upper hand on the other’s offensive line.


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Question for you guys — do I stick with this image as the stock reference for South Carolina…

… or do I ditch it in favor of this dude?

Tough call, no?


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