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Opener opening line

Dawgs open as a three-point dog.

What’s your prediction on the line by game time?


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At Butts-Mehre, it’s the song, not the singer.

I’ve made a concerted effort not to rain on Josh Brooks’ parade since he took over as AD, but then he goes and says something like this:

“Before you can truly evaluate any coach, you have to evaluate yourself internally as an administration, and make sure we’re doing everything in our power to help them be successful,” Brooks said. “A lot of times we want to point the fingers at others, but I want to tell everyone that it all starts here in the administration.

“I’ve talked about wanting to win a championship in every sport that we sponsor, 21 sports, so it all starts with, are we doing everything we can to give them a chance to be successful with their conference peers and national peers.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s only because it should.

McGarity, who played and coached tennis at Georgia and worked in its athletic administration before leaving for Florida, said “there is nothing greater than being part of championships. That’s why we do what we do.

“At the end of the day,” he continued, “all the time you put in at the office, the fun comes when you’re competing for championships and you see what these coaches have done over a number of years to finally get to the top of the mountain and you’re able to be just a small piece of that.”

Yeah, that worked out well, especially the accountability part.

Let’s face it, the only results that really matter are the ones that show up on the bank statements.  As long as Brooks follows in McGarity’s footsteps on that front, I predict a long career is in store for him. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, and all that…



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“… and everyone knows I’d rather have Mullen on my sideline than Kirby Smart.”

Pat Dooley shows it won’t be easy being a Gator shill in 2021.

This is my favorite part:

I actually know people who truly believe that Will Muschamp was placed at Florida by the Georgia Illuminati to bring down the Florida program.

Seriously, they really believe that. And now he is back at his alma mater as an analyst where he can only help the Bulldogs because the dude does know defense and special teams.

Agent Muschamp lives!


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It’s NIL time in Georgia.

Lookee at what’s happening this week.

Is that a little awkward, perhaps?

Perhaps.  But it’s worth waiting to see who has the last word on how HB 617 is implemented in Athens, particularly when it comes to this provision:

You know Smart has his staff geared up to push that personal branding message hard next month when recruits and their families finally show up next month.  It would be a real shame if Georgia adopts a pooling arrangement that steps all over that message.  (Although, to be fair, if there’s one thing the Georgia Way should be adept at promoting, it’s Butts-Mehre’s deep experience at managing a reserve account.)  Will Kirby have to tell Jere to stay in his lane?  Stay tuned…


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A death penalty by any other name

So, just how deep a hole has Tennessee found itself after the talent drain that came after Pruitt’s departure?  Historically speaking, pretty damned deep ($$).

I surveyed our college football staff at The Athletic and the closest examples are Baylor in 2016 and Penn State after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Obviously, Tennessee’s issues are nothing like that, but the coaching change combined with immediate eligibility for transfers led to a perfect storm of talent drain.

Even with a free transfer after a tragic scandal, Penn State lost only about half the total number of players Tennessee did. The Nittany Lions managed to win 15 games the following two seasons but didn’t hit double digits until the fifth season after the scandal, which was James Franklin’s third season at the helm.

Even Baylor didn’t lose these kinds of numbers. The Bears lost seven players from their 2016 recruiting class and Matt Rhule basically had to rebuild the 2017 class from scratch.

If you’re a Georgia fan, there’s only one possible reaction to that.

Dave Chappelle Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


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TFW you’ve recovered from a gruesome injury

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint.

Some people say Ron Courson is a wizard.  Now, I’m not saying that.  I’m just saying some people say that.

This offense has the potential to be hell on wheels, even with Pickens missing.  Let’s hope for more good health.


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