Kirby Smart 1, Pooling Arrangement 0

This is worthy of a separate post on HB 617.  Seth Emerson asked the question I hoped someone in the media would, and got the answer I wanted to see.

It’s Branding Time in Athens!


UPDATE:  Two quotes from Seth ($$)

… Morehead essentially confirmed that the NCAA has cried “uncle” on making its own rule on the issue: It’s up to Congress now, less than three months from when these state laws start going into effect.

The NCAA has “sunset” its own committee that was formulating a plan for NIL, revealed Morehead, who was on that committee. He’s also on the NCAA Board of Governors, which still discusses the issue regularly, but they all realize now the issue is out of their hands.

“A number of states are passing laws like this one,” Morehead said of Georgia’s law, which goes into effect July 1. “But I think long term our hope is there will be a federal solution down the road. Perhaps by July 1. It may come later. It may never come, we can’t predict what Congress will do. But I think the goal will be to see uniformity around the country.”

“Student-athletes may earn compensation based on their name, image or likeness, beginning July 1. We have no plans to provide for a pooling arrangement,” UGA compliance director Will Lawler told The Athletic. “In short, UGA student-athletes would not have to wait a year after they leave school to receive NIL compensation.”

The towel, she has been thrown in.  Barring something wild from the Supreme Court or Congress granting the NCAA an antitrust exemption, NIL, in one form or fashion, is here to stay.  Amateurism, redefined!


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  1. TripleB

    I guess we’re about to find out how this will affect college sports. I hope it can still be different than the pro game. I’m sure it will escalate quickly, and at some point, the players are going to get a big share of the money pie. I have always felt like it was just a matter of time once the TV money came pouring in and coaches started earning millions annually. I just wonder what it will look like ten years from now.

    As far as Georgia goes, I would think our players will benefit about as much as any given the fan interest and favorable geography. If I was looking to do some advertising, I’d use a Dog in a minute. Similarly, I just bought some signed pictures of Chubb, Pollack, Edwards, and Rod from a dealer for my sports room. I guess I can get em from the source before graduation come July?

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  2. JT Daniels’ phone is blowing up.

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  3. spur21

    My only concern (and a small one) is distracting athletes from both academics and practice. I think a solution might be to limit the time they spend promoting their NIL. Maybe something like we have with the early signing period you have a certain window during the year.


    • Not going to happen. They will have their practice and academic commitments. When they do the other stuff will be on them.

      I imagine all of this is going to be part of the education these guys get.

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  4. unionjackgin

    Good for the athletes.

    I think we are all going to be surprised at the breadth of how many of the individual athletes will benefit from this legislation.

    I think we are going to be surprised that some of the top earners at UGA will turn out to be female athletes.

    I am encouraged that UGA’s Athletic Department was not going to adopt the pooling policy.

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    • Holiday Inn Bagman

      Agree 100% on female athletes. I cannot even count the number of equestrian videos one of my younger children has watched and I’m certain you’ll see some influencers/endorser emerge there and monetize some content creation.


  5. godawgs1701

    Great news. I hope that more athletes will be able to make money off of this than we might expect. They all deserve it.

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  6. 79dawg

    When one of our players walks out of the tunnel in Charlotte with “GTP Commenter” on the back of his jersey, don’t say you weren’t warned….

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  7. This is great news for our student-athletes. I guess the Georgia Way trusts the athletes with their own money … like they are adults or something or another.

    For all of the pearl-clutching around this, I think there will be a couple of athletes on each team that will make more than walking around money. For most, they’ll be thinking where is my money for going out this weekend going to come from just as they do now.

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  8. Scotty King

    I guess (free) Picture Day is really a thing of the past now……

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  9. Skeptic Dawg

    I openly admit that I have no idea how this will play out over the long haul. That being said, the odds of this working out smoothly and ending well are slim to none. Additionally, there is no possible way that this is the last move…players and/or player reps will ask for a larger piece of the pie in the next 2-4 years. Over the course of the last 15 years I have enjoyed watching non-rev sports (primarily college lacrosse and baseball) much more than football. These kids are on 25% scholarship for the most part, the vast majority know this will be their last run, and they play for the love of the game. This is what college athletics should be about and these are the kids that define what a student-athlete is.


    • You realize they’ll be looking for NIL money, too, right?

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    • spur21

      “This is what college athletics should be about and these are the kids that define what a student-athlete is.”

      Sadly what you wish for is gone and the fans are the main reason. Fans are no longer satisfied with good competitive football or basketball – they want a natty or an invitation to the dance.

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      • Skeptic Dawg

        You are correct Spur. We as fans do shoulder a portion of the blame, but as I mentioned to the Senator above, the universities, the AD’s, the coaches, and now the players, are all turning tricks for a dollar. The value of college football is now gone, and has been replaced by cash. It is just another filthy business.


        • J.R. Clark

          It’s been a filthy business for over a century. I hate to be the bearer of breaking news, but boosters have been paying college football and basketball players for a very long time. The only difference is that the money is now going to be out in the open for all to see.

          Honestly? I think most of the people bemoaning this change don’t like the fact that some college athletes are going to have more money than 99% of the fans.


  10. back9k9

    If this plays out like I think it will, and the money is good enough, some marginal 3 year athletes may stick around another year – or even 2. Guaranteed money for the would-be-late-round-draftee college star would be harder to walk away from.

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    • That’s what I’m hoping.

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      • snoopdawgydawg

        I’ve thought this to be the most likely result of this, which is good for college football and better for the NFL as they get to see the borderline player improve another year at someone else’s expense. it has a huge implication, especially now with the transfer system.

        I’m excited.


        • In some cases, the player may be better than borderline. Manziel said more than once he’d have been tempted to return to TAMU for his senior season if there was sufficient endorsement money to stay.

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  11. Russ

    “But I think the goal will be to see uniformity around the country.”

    If only there was a national organization dedicated to the welfare of student-athletes and athletics that could do something like this.

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    • Derek

      There is. Everyone, nearly simultaneously it seems, decided that they didn’t like their existing rules and decided to see if they could push it around.

      Years of various fuckups led to its loss of power and credibility.

      I think they know/hope/expect/need it to become a shit show that they’ll be asked to come in and “fix.”

      My bet is that they’re probably right because someone out there will find a way to take this inch of rope and stretch it a mile.

      Such is human nature that this:

      Becomes this:

      Its fun when it starts and then at some point the public no longer enjoys the show. I think the half life on this particular bit of fun will be somewhat shorter.

      But we’ll see. If those who have the most to gain from it use the power for good and police the potentials for abuse it will be fine. Personally, I have sincere doubts about the morality of college football coaches as a group.

      CMR seemed like a good dude and there’s uhhhh… well help me out….. there’s mmmm… I’m stuck at 1.


      • PTC DAWG

        White Shoes was awesome. The pissing guy, not so much.


        • Aw, come on, the pissing guy was hilarious. Now, if he’d been a Georgia player who’d screwed the Dawgs out of a win, my feelings would be different. He’d probably need to be in WitSec about now.

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      • argondawg

        You have way more faith in the NCAA’s ability to fix shit than I do. They move glacially. I agree that this has all the markings of becoming an absolute shit show for compliance. It’s gonna be the Wild West. It needed to happen. Now let’s see what happens.


        • Derek

          I didn’t suggest that I had faith. I suggested that the ncaa chose to wait for the catastrophuck rather than try and please everyone which they may have viewed as impossible without an antitrust exception.


  12. TN Dawg

    Can the schools themselves pay the athletes for NLI purposes?

    For instance, could UGA pay every player a $10,000 payment for rights to their likenesses, which they then sell to a vidya game company to license the use of UGA and the players as one compensation package?

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  13. PTC DAWG

    I see the rules of unintended consequences coming into play here. I really hope I’m wrong.

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  14. Harold Miller

    I just want to know who is getting the Aaron Bonding endorsement?

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  15. hassan

    Bottom line…when do I get NCAA Football back from EA Sports with branding and player likeness?


  16. 69Dawg

    Some internet guru explain how these guys and girls can use the internet to make some walking around money. Is it a function of followers or hit on the site that equals money? If its followers then I follow every UGA athlete. If its hits that’s going to be harder. I still think the Gym Dogs will make more money than the big uglies.


  17. Biggen

    I’ve not read the bill, but on ESPNU XM radio this afternoon (Off Campus w/Dan Dakich) he was talking about how shitty the Georgia NIL bill was and how 75% of the money an athlete takes in will be redistributed (share the wealth!) to other athletes. So, in other words, the athletes that are making the money off the NIL only keep 25% while the other 75% is put into a “general fund”. This sounds pretty poor if this is true.


  18. gurkhadawg

    Does NIL cover appearance money, such as shaking hands at a car dealership for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon. I ask because I’ve been talking to some friends about us each chipping in $1,000 and paying JT to come to town on an off weekend Saturday night. We would sit around drinking beer and watching the previous games, getting JT’s take on everything. Then talk some shit about upcoming games. You think JT would do it for $10,000?

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  19. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Great! Can AJ Green and Todd Gurley come back to school now and play the 4 games they each missed? I say let their first game be against Clemson and then rest then until the SECCG and the playoff.

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