Quick! To the bulletin board, lads!

So, Jimbo Fisher tells fans TAMU’s gonna beat Saban’s ass.

It’s obvious from the lighthearted tone there, and Jimbo’s relationship with Saban that he’s having a little fun.  But that doesn’t stop the knicker-wadding in certain quarters from happening.

At least there’s some emotion going on there.  Contrast that with how a robot takes a shot.


I guarantee you after the excitement wears off, Jalen Camp is gonna be wondering what he’s getting into with Corch.



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31 responses to “Quick! To the bulletin board, lads!

  1. KornDawg

    I wonder what corch said to Tyson Campbell.

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    • 79dawg

      My first thought as well. I guess this was appealing to the handful of sado-masochists out there who are both Tech and Jags fans….

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      • siskey

        4 guys in Rockmart who are unable to get into the Falcons because they had Mike Vick as QB and like Tech because CPJ told it like it “is.”


  2. RangerRuss

    We have unfinished bidness with that sumbitch. Someday, somehow we’re going to get him. It took twenty years, a Miami grad HC, a QB transfer from UVA and a change to a chickenshit team but we eventually rammed Spurrier’s big mouth into the turf at Dooley Field-Sanford Stadium.
    We’re going to get that sumbitch also. Payback is a smooth muthafuka.

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    • jdawg108

      I’d love to see it, but the difference between him and spurrier is he’d quit if a beat down was even close to possible. Run away!


  3. Greg

    Don’t think I woulda said that (Jimbo).

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    • Harold Miller

      Saban teams have a tendency to neuter programs that pop off about them. Just ask Vandy.


  4. I knew even before I clicked on it that that link was to Roll Bama Roll. That place has turned into the Greg Marmalard of the CFB blogosphere.

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  5. unionjackgin

    I like the little poll question at the bottom of the Roll Bama Roll link. It’s an unscientific poll but most of them Bammer’s think Joey Freshwater will be the first Saban assistant to beat Saban. Kirby is second just 2 pts above NO ONE.

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  6. classiccitycanine

    I really like Lawrence. It’s too bad he’s going to play for the worst man in football. I hope Lawrence has a great career–after the Jags crash and burn under Meyer.

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  7. I wonder if Corch understands there are a ton of Dawg fans in the Jacksonville area and in southeast Georgia who are also Jag fans.


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  8. gurkhadawg

    When talking to someone I will occasionally refer to a guy as a “tool”. The person will usually say “what do you mean?” I’ll say “ I can’t really define what makes a person a tool, but I know one when I see one. “ Well, Urban Meyer is a FUCKING TOOL! Now I can just refer them to this clip. Thanks, Senator.

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  9. ugafidelis

    Mark Richt should have never apologized for the end zone dance.

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  10. RangerRuss

    Ya know UGAFi, at the time I thought the end zone celebration was a bit much and Mark Richt had lost control of his team to the detriment of winning, especially winning a championship. “We don’t do that at Georgia.”
    I was wrong. Business as usual simply ain’t cutting it. We got to get after their ass every game like rabid Bulldogs and celebrate every victory as if it were the last championship we’re gonna see for forty-one years.
    Richt should’ve said, “Hell no I ain’t sorry and next year we’re going to do it again.”
    Maybe had he shown some viciousness then the next year he might not have had to look up at the scoreboard during time out while that smug sumbitch stood there smiling like he just fucked the neighbor’s dog. The gotdam sociopath.
    We’re gonna get him.

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  11. chicagodawgfan

    Wonder what he’ll say to Jalen camp when he cuts him from the team in Pre-season?

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  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch is so sincere!


  13. 69Dawg

    Well being here in Central Florida I get to watch the Jags home games on the tube. It will be the first year I will actually watch in the hopes that the SOB gets his ass handed to him on a weekly basis.


  14. Urban is going to flame out massively and I’m here for it.

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  15. ZeroPOINTzero

    All hat no cattle.


  16. godawgs1701

    Saban’s response when he was asked about it was pretty funny.