Your Daily Gator has a bone to pick with Mark Schlabach.

The boys at Swamp247 aren’t happy with ESPN’s post-spring Top 25 power rankings.  That, of course, makes me happy.


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27 responses to “Your Daily Gator has a bone to pick with Mark Schlabach.

  1. Remember the Quincy

    Indiana, Cincinnati, UNC, Iowa, Iowa State, Louisiana Lafayette…all ranked higher than the Gators? Thank you sir, I’ll have another one of those, please.

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  2. whatayagot

    8-4 is a successful season!!! Hahahahaha

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  3. Handbag fans talking about media homers … that’s classic coming from the school whose sports media makes Pravda look like real news and has a beat writer who is Hogtown Hal for the way he carries their water.

    Handbags, we’re coming.

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  4. Ran A

    It is hard to tell just how good the Gators will be this year. They could surprise and lose to just Bama and UGA or they could lose 4 or 5 games. And if that happens; that is going to be one butt-hurt crowd down there.


  5. practicaldawg

    Not sure what they expected. Their defense was god awful and they lost everyone that could score points. Their QB is Emory Jones. If last year’s “great” season was 8-4, why would there be any hype at the national level for 2021?

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)


    What a bunch of whiny ‘turds!

    Fuck those motherfuckers!

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  7. jdawg108

    The guy who ranked UF over Bama.


  8. stoopnagle

    They peaked last year. Still will be a tough out for most teams on their schedule.


    • biggusrickus

      The East being bad outside of Georgia definitely helps their prospects. Maybe Missouri will get a second year bounce or Kentucky will be better than I anticipate. UT, Vandy and South Carolina will be putrid.


  9. RangerRuss

    When it’s 42-zip in the third quarter and Mims has pancaked a gator defender unconscious, I’d like to see SBIV piss on the downed ‘turd. Not a leg hike, not a Pickens water bottle, but pull Little Willie out and just piss all over him like he’s putting out a campfire. Payback for that cheap shot at last year’s WLOCP.
    What does Bennet have to lose? He’s a senior and his NIL fund would skyrocket. His status of legend would be permanently ensconced. Hell, I have $1,000 I’d gladly contribute.

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  10. biggusrickus

    I know this is pointless, but if I might rebut their point about Georgia’s massive underachievement from their preseason rankings:

    2017: started 15, ended 2
    2018: started 3, ended 7
    2019: started 3, ended 4
    2020: started 4, ended 7

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  11. psyopdawg

    Kirby Smart:
    “I don’t care what the trolls at swamp 247 say.”
    “Dabo, Below Me”
    “OSU, Below Me”
    “Iowa State, B-low Me”

    “Dan Mullen, Blow Me”

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  12. PTC DAWG

    Another “now or never” comment re UGA.

    F UF. Y’all sure do talk about them a LOT.

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  13. timphd

    It is obvious the Dawgs are now living rent free in the heads of Gator fans. They don’t really care about where they are ranked as long as it isn’t behind Georgia. Sad. But Funny.


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    They went 8-4 and I’d argue they overachieved. Odd as it sounds, I think espn is right on this one.

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  15. SoCalDawg

    #FTMF, but the “Guna” character was pretty funny I suppose.

    May we beat them by at least 2 td’s in JAX.


  16. Please pair them against La-La in the Weedeater bowl.


    • Down Island Way

      Maybe meeshigun in the toilet bowl…” that wasn’t the 2020 football team that you saw,” Mullen said of the Gators, who lost their final three games of the year…tell us, who the fuck was on the field of play representing FU…


  17. theotherdoug

    After one gator says something about Mummen does his best work as an underdog another posted this gem:
    “Facts I rather not be ranked top 10 to start the season.”
    They finished last year 8-4 and ranked 13th and 12th in the AP and Coaches Poll, but somehow they think Mullen is about to light it up because he is an underdog. Aight. Can’t wait for Jacksonville.

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    • siskey

      When they become morally superior but are still losing is when we really will have them. I think it happens sometime when the sun sets over the WLOCP in 2022 or 2023.

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  18. poetdawg

    The best thing I read in the ESPN article is that slimy reptiles are going to have a ground and pound offense this year. I gotta love our front 7 against a use-the-run-to- setup-the-pass offense. Looking forward to the cocktail party, Go Dawgs!


  19. wtm121

    The fact that one of them was surprised that Tenn. wasn’t on the list speaks volumes about their collective intelligence.