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Just what ‘Bama needed

So… a question.

Think the SEC is about to end its ban on intraconference transfers?  Nick Saban does, apparently.


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Don’t sleep on the transfer portal. Kirby Smart isn’t.

Yeah, I know G-Day is G-Day, so the passing explosion doesn’t mean so much in the vast scheme of things.  That being said, I didn’t see a shutdown corner emerge.  And I did see a fair number of receivers make plays.

Here are some sobering numbers about Georgia’s secondary.

Outside of Auburn, where Mike Bobo stubbornly calls plays, the SEC is a passing conference and the better defenses have better secondary depth.  We’ve already seen Georgia bring in one experienced defensive back in Tykee Smith.  There are more to come, I feel like.  Maybe Smart decides he can roll the dice on one freshman starting cornerback, but two?  Nah, no way.  And those numbers say the two-deep needs to be… well, deep.

What we saw on G-Day was a combination of green, talented DBs and experienced ones who’ve had the chance to be significant contributors before this season but, for whatever reason, never showed out.  All told, do you think after watching the tape that Smart and Lanning are standing pat with what they have rolling into the opener against Clemson?  I’m not feeling it.

Watch the portal.  Especially now that one-time transfers are free.



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“It’s here, so you better embrace it.”

This was said in the Missouri legislature a mere two days ago about a proposed NIL bill and it already seems quaint.

House Speaker Rob Vescovo, who rarely speaks on legislation, noted his opposition.

“I can’t support this amendment while the students are still receiving a scholarship,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense. Why should they still get a scholarship while they’re making money on their likeness?”

I’m not talking about his flawed logic.  I’m talking about Mark Emmert — Mark Emmert! — throwing in the towel.

In an interview with The New York Times on Friday, the N.C.A.A.’s president, Mark Emmert, said he would recommend that college sports’ governing bodies approve new rules “before, or as close to, July 1,” when the new laws are scheduled to go into effect in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and New Mexico.

… Under a proposal that has been before N.C.A.A. members for months, student-athletes could be paid in exchange for use of their names, images and likenesses by many private companies. The plan, which could take effect on Aug. 1, would also let players earn money through advertisements on their social media accounts.

“We need to get a vote on these rules that are in front of the members now,” Emmert said.

No, the NCAA proposals aren’t an exact match for what the states have already passed.  That doesn’t mean Emmert can’t read the current landscape.  Do nothing and hope the problem goes away on its own is no longer a viable strategy.  The big question from here is whether the NCAA has waited too long to act.

Emmert would not discuss whether the association might challenge any of the state laws in court. He said, though, that he did not expect any decisions about new industry rules to hinge on the outcome of a case the association recently argued before the United States Supreme Court, which is considering the scope of the N.C.A.A.’s powers.

That sounds like he realizes the SCOTUS Hail Mary play for an antitrust exemption isn’t likely to produce the outcome the organization desires, as well as the futility of the NCAA attempting to tie a number of states up in court.  (That would also put member schools in those states in a precarious position between the NCAA and state legislatures that control their funding.)

The options aren’t attractive, but that’s what happens when you procrastinate too long.  It’s basically settle for what you can get time for the NCAA.

Or as Richt, who is now a television analyst for the ACC Network, put it: “It’s here, so you better embrace it.”

Mark Emmert has lost control of Mark Richt.


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TFW you’ve caught up on the talent front

Here’s your morning Dawg porn, folks.

I’m still pinching myself over the Georgia > Alabama numbers.  Pretty stunning, Kirbs.


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