If it’s good enough for Foley Field…

… hopefully, it’ll be good enough for Sanford Stadium in four months.

When Georgia’s baseball team entertains Ole Miss next week for its final regular-season series, the Bulldogs will be able to play in front of a packed house at Foley Field.

“We have been steadily preparing for 100 percent capacity at sporting events for next year and after seeing how some professional teams in our area have handled expanded attendance successfully, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to increase to full operations,” said athletic director Josh Brooks. “This is one positive step to bringing Bulldog Nation back to campus to celebrate and support our teams.”

Gates will open one hour before each game. Attendance, which had been capped at 664, will now return to 3,200.

The Southeastern Conference event protocols will remain in place. Spectators will still be required to wear masks or face coverings when entering and moving about the facility.

Maybe they’ll even let us start using chairs for tailgating again.  Be still, my heart.



At least we know there’s one football venue that will be packed with red and black this season.


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17 responses to “If it’s good enough for Foley Field…

  1. Ran A

    NFL came out a day or two ago, stating they were expecting to be at 100% this fall. Keeping politics out of this as much as I can, I do think it is fair to say that the NFL is more aligned with those who have been much more cautious about outdoor events. This was the ‘bell-weather’ for me. If that group is talking 100% capacity, then SEC schools have already pretty much decided that they are back in business.


  2. ben

    Comment removed by request.

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  3. uga97

    Translation…money money money and money money. Braves are $700 mill in the hole, so yep that’s one of the Pro Sports teams he cites.


  4. jdawg108

    100% capacity at Bobby Dodd is 20% full, correct?

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  5. The only time Fech is at 100% capacity is when UGA comes to the 404 to play at Richt field…NERDS!

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    • miltondawg

      I was just about to post that Tech only hits full capacity once every two years.


      • Down Island Way

        Caution should be used where nerdfootball has experienced full capacity venues…stuffing a port-o-let (instead of a vw) are activities where that many nerdfootball supporters will congregate in an abandoned lot to celebrate pocket protector days not to mention dragon con worshipping on a full moon…


      • To give Clemson credit, they take over the Joke on the even years.


  6. bucketheridge

    Tech should go ahead and bump up their official capacity to 100,000 as long as they’re throwing around meaningless numbers.

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    The non tailgating rule, was/is BULLSHIT..


  8. And if you shift your face covering over your eyes, the coeds on Tech’s campus looks better, too.

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