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Five guys walk into a town…

Good piece from Seth Emerson ($$) today about how Georgia’s last five head football coaches still call Athens their home.  (At least a couple of ’em presumably call Michael Adams something else.)  Here’s the part I found a little intriguing:

They don’t get together for breakfast or anything. Two of them – Richt and Smart – do text and call each other sometimes. Two of them – Donnan and Dooley – have had lunch on occasion.

Fly on the wall, and all that.


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Today, in feel good stories

I will always love this sort of thing.

Forget about who’s getting paid and by whom.  Forget about postseason formats, or bloated conferences and scheduling.  College football is about the school and about getting that degree, no matter what it takes.  For me, that’s romantic amateurism.


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