Time to shine

It’s Adam’s turn now.

Two thoughts:  (1) if Anderson isn’t a true 3-down player this season, it’s more likely to be because of Georgia’s depth in the front seven than flaws in his game; and (2) with those numbers, occasionally playing him at Star so he can drop into coverage is helping the opponent’s offense.


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9 responses to “Time to shine

  1. stoopnagle

    AA is hungry, so I’m excited to see him this fall. Nobody outside our bubble knows his name, but I have a feeling they will by October.

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    • Greg

      the front 7 will really help out the back end this year imo…..QB’s better have that 3 second clock in their heads, speed is everywhere.

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  2. Anderson can be a monster especially if he has put on a little good weight this off-season.

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  3. David K

    Really want to see him and Nolan Smith both dominate this year.

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    • JaxDawg

      Kirby has spoiled us. Nolan was the #1 overall recruit in 2019…and it almost feels like he’s “just another guy” on our defense. 2021 is going to be fun!


      • Down Island Way

        Naturally, a young 5* stud believes he can go to state u and start, these 5* studs UGA is crootin’ are looking and seeing proof positive what CKS and staff can and will do for them to succeed, if that means they won’t play as much early, having “bought in” to what CKS and staff are smokin’ (see Roquan Smith) makes them understand/accept their position in the rotation…starting to see that CKS has a system that works come high tide or not…


  4. spur21

    I imagine there are tackles in the SEC having nightmares.