Going back to Cali

Team building exercise in progress:

Quarterback JT Daniels was not kidding when he told reporters in early April, he planned on becoming the best leader, on and off the field, that he could possibly be.

He apparently was not kidding.

With players now on a brief break following their recent final exams, Daniels and a host of his offensive teammates are taking the opportunity to get in some extra work back in the quarterback’s home state of California.

… Word of the junket first became apparent on players’ respective Instagram pages, and later confirmed by a person familiar with the trip to UGASports.

Players confirmed to be attending include wide receivers Kearis Jackson, Jermaine Burton, Jaylen Johnson, Justin Robinson, Braxton Hicks, and Ladd McConkey, along with tight end Darnell Washington, running backs James Cook and Kendall Milton, who also hails from California.

It can’t hurt, can it?

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24 responses to “Going back to Cali

  1. Biggen

    There are a lot of cumulative TDs in that group. Having them all working together during the summer on the same playbook is going to pay dividends big time.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    That’s my quarterback! That’s my quarterback!

    [insert .gif of crying Terrell Owens here]

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    • Derek

      Don’t you mean Kirby’s quarterback?


    • Ole Dokes

      Senator, care to do a piece on the feature Seth did on JTD & his family while you were on “sabbatical”? Pardon me if you did so & I missed it as I read just about everything you write. Fascinating look at what has shaped this very worldly & deep young man. Appreciate your work. Thanks man!


  3. Derek

    …I don’t think so…

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  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That sounds like great reason to be optimistic. Like I didn’t already have a few reasons to be optimistic.

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  5. Anon

    I how they are not traveling in same car.


  6. practicaldawg

    This is really encouraging. It’s the off-the-field veteran leadership that can sometimes make all the difference. Reminds me of a couple of RBs that returned for their senior year once upon a season.

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  7. Dawg Porn Dawg Porn…we may need to deploy the saltpeter fire hoses stat…JT has done nothing but impress…not one for hyperbole…he just goes out and works and delivers…DGD


  8. TN Dawg


    worries about who is paying for all these week long vacations in California

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  9. pdawg30577

    I just hope nobody gets in trouble.


  10. rigger92

    Yeah, take the boys to Cali, what could go wrong, lol. Super happy that they are doing the work. Ask any music major, there is zero time off. I walked from Hill hall to Fine ares for three years, 14 hours a day. The organ room was worth it.


  11. Weed’s not legal out there, is it?


    • Bulldawg Bill

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not at all! Of course there’s not much stoppin’ ’em from picking up Delta 8 at the local vape shop in Athens, or anywhere else in Georgia.


    • californiadawg

      The weed shops here look like Apple stores. They’ll overpay but at least they won’t get arrested.


      • Bulldawg Bill

        True that. But as sure as G-d made little green apples, one of those clowns will try to bring back souvenirs!


    • poetdawg

      Recreational weed is indeed legal here in California. Even if it wasn’t, we don’t prosecute most crimes here anyway.


  12. Russ


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  13. Russ, you made me think of this.

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  14. CB

    I wonder if Dasher thinks JT was kidding?