“I think these are all calculated risks.”

Player development?  Why bother?

While others are bemoaning the transactional nature of the portal, roster management and the new one-time transfer rule, Spavital has embraced all of it. More than three months after the traditional National Signing Day in February, he still has eight scholarships to offer.

The rest have gone to transfers, 11 of them. That after Spavital lost 12 players to the portal. He has not signed a high school prospect at Texas State in his Class of 2021…

“My whole argument is I can take the [high school] kid down the street that no one wants and no one offers who, after three years, you develop him into a good player, and he can leave,” Spavital said. “Or you can [go to the portal].”

Okay, so he’s at a shitty mid-major program that has trouble attracting quality recruits, so I get it.  At some point, though, the check is going to be presented, and it won’t be pretty.

There is a yearly limit of 85 scholarship players for FBS teams. However, a program may sign only 25 per year. Rosters are in flux as coaches decide whether the portal is a gift or a curse — or maybe both. So-called “super seniors” aren’t counted against the 85 this season as they were allowed an extra year of eligibility in 2021 due to COVID-19. They also could leave giant holes in rosters after they leave after this season.

“They kind of mask some of your issues,” Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell said. “If you have six super seniors, so you’re really not under the limit, but when those guys leave you’ve going to have an even bigger issue.”

Coaches in Fickell’s AAC are already in favor of expanding annual scholarship limits from 25 to 30 as a stop gap. A blanket waiver to surpass that 25-scholarship limit for at least one year has been discussed in coaching circles. The Big 12 and MAC proposed a two-year scholarship limit of 50, spread out any way a coach wants. That was shot down. The possibility of allowing an extra scholarship for every player lost to the portal — the so-called “one-for-one” approach — isn’t likely.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the NCAA’s bag isn’t being proactive, man.  Again, though, if you’re Jake Spavital at Texas State, the portal is simply the best option from a set of bad choices and you’ll deal with the consequences when you cross that bridge.

But what if you’re Bryan Harsin at Auburn?

Auburn has already secured commitments from four transfers and could add as many as eight more this summer. If that takes away from the initial number of scholarships that the new staff can sign in the 2022 class, I’m fine with that too…

Auburn can certainly win some battles and land good players in the 2022 class. I’m not suggesting that Harsin has or should throw in the towel. But in a class where AU is behind and doesn’t have the long-term relationships that other staffs do with elite prospects, it’s important to supplement the group with some instant impact players.

The best way for Auburn to do that right now is the transfer portal…

As far as the numbers go, transfers currently count against the 25 initial scholarships schools can offer each year. If AU had three scholarships still available from 2021 and took 12 transfers, that would mean nine would have to count toward the 2022 class.

The author assumes some sort of roster fix from the NCAA is forthcoming, but if he’s wrong about that, Harsin’s blowing a hole in his program’s roster that will take several classes to fill.  And he’s doing it in his first season!  Why?  Well, in the immortal words of Jake Spavital,

“That is what are we trying to do especially in a time when, [if] you don’t win, you get fired,” he said. “Instead of waiting around, it’s given life to our program. We gotta think outside the box here.”


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15 responses to ““I think these are all calculated risks.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    So there really is a Texas State. How bout that. Too bad they’re not the Fighting Armadillos.


    • rugbydawg79

      San Marcos is a beautiful place. I went there for a flood with Samaritans Purse. I remember thinking they would get it going in football, beautiful stadium crystal clear river running thru it. Pretty girls and taco stands. I guess they are surrounded by to much competition.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Remember George Allen, “The Future is Now”. Sounds like Bryan Harsin is a disciple.


  3. If the Greater Opelika Cow College blows a hole in their roster, I won’t think twice about it.

    Also, somewhere around T-town or Lake Burton, Little Nicky is smiling.

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  4. Down Island Way

    3 years max and he’s outta’ there, the cesspool will not tolerate this type of indignation….


    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      Looks to me as though Hardin is trying to set up one really good season so he can leave for a big gig out west like UCLA or USC. Auburn is no longer a destination—it’s a stepping stone.


      • Down Island Way

        #AUBURN SUCKS! isn’t a stepping stone but a giant cow pie in the middle of cow pie city…it has been spoken…


  5. aucarson

    What is not mentioned is that AU had lost 15 players through the Stargate before getting any in return. Isn’t that 15 available schollies?


  6. Let the War Tigers’ and TN Toothless Nation, and even the Hogtown jort wearing nimrods’ chase each other down the proverbial rabbit/portal hole, and may their recruiting slots melt away like sugar cubes in the rain…you can bet Dell and Kirby & team will be on the recruiting mutha. More 5* and 4* living rooms will be filled with sharped dressed dudes with big Gs on their chests, and we dawg fans will be happier for it.


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