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Baby, we’re back.

By the way, also from that Tony Barnhart piece is this bit:

Barrett Sallee, my friend from CBSSports.com, made a point recently that fans will be very excited to return to the stadium this season because, after what they went through last year, they’ll never take the joy of watching a game in person for granted again.

I agree.

Eh, color me not so sure about that.  A number of fans were introduced to the pleasure of attending Man Cave Stadium last season and found easy access to things like restrooms and refreshments to be something of a pleasure.  I also haven’t seen anything indicating that ticket prices are becoming more affordable in the near future.

As for novelty, it’s been my experience that it tends to wear off, sooner or later.

But that’s just me.  (And I’ll still be attending games, because… well, because me.  Hell, I was there last year.)  What say you?



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The opposite of an Envy and Jealousy post

C’mon, admit it.  You’re dying to know Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s take on Georgia’s opener.

This is a huge opening game as both teams have national championship aspirations. The winner gets a leg up. The loser can still get back in the race.

Okay, maybe not.


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It’s mid-May. So why not another G-Day post?

Josh and Graham look at the line play from Georgia’s last spring scrimmage…

… and all I can notice is how smart JT Daniels looked adjusting to the pressure when it came.  What takeaways do y’all have from the clip?


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What do you get when you cross an Urban Meyer-led program with sex?

Why, a masseuse with standards, of course.

A Cleveland-area massage therapist accused by Ohio State of targeting football players for sexual encounters has denied those allegations in a pair of interviews.

Speaking in a 20-minute radio interview on Cleveland’s FM-WMMS, Robyn Bassani, 41, said that while she did have sexual relationships with two Ohio State football players, she was not “acting for her own sexual gratification” as a report released by the university alleged…

… No NCAA violations occurred, and no crimes were committed. If a sexual relationship began, Bassani said, she would end the client-masseuse relationship.

The “client-masseuse relationship”.  Sounds incredibly classy.

What I’m trying to work out in my head is how getting a tat was a bigger NCAA problem for Ohio State than players getting laid in the course of a client-masseuse relationship.  What a country, eh?


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Looks like they’re gonna need a bigger acronym.

I don’t think IPTAY’s gonna cut it.

On April 22, five months after Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich announced their shuttering, Clemson agreed to reinstate the men’s track and field and cross country teams under pressure from not just 23 male runners, who threatened to file a lawsuit, but also a group of female athletes, who likewise threatened the ACC school with their own lawsuit. The move to eliminate the programs had also prompted a race discrimination complaint late last year with the Department of Education.

Neither the men nor the women ever actually filed suit. Instead, their respective attorneys sent demand letters to Clemson listing Title IX grievances. In the course of settlement negotiations with the school, the athletes’ attorneys put forth a number of potential arguments of disproportionate treatment they were ready to make at trial, which included raising questions about expensive new vehicles that some track athletes said they had witnessed Clemson football players driving around campus.

Lori Bullock, the Iowa-based lawyer who represented the female athletes, said the university’s outside counsel vehemently denied the claim, which implicated potentially serious NCAA violations, and which she acknowledged she could not corroborate. But in interviews, she and Bryant suggested that the university may have been inclined to move more quickly to resolution due to the fear of this being made public in open court.

Clemson strenuously objected, of course… and then caved.

And to think some of you actually believe NIL compensation is going to open a new can of worms.


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