Rivals’ 20-year class rankings

I would have assumed Alabama would be at the top, but I am wrong.

1. GEORGIA (6.45 average class ranking)

The Bulldogs have been on an incredible run under coach Kirby Smart with three-straight No. 1 classes before finishing sixth in 2021. Georgia finished with five five-stars in 2020 led by a tremendous West haul of RB Kendall Milton, TE Darnell Washington and CB Kelee Ringo.

In 2019, Georgia held off Alabama in the slimmest of margins for the top spot and in 2018 the Bulldogs had eight five-stars in one of the best classes in Rivals’ history. Consistency has been key for Georgia as it has never finished lower than No. 15 in the team rankings.

Alabama is third.  SEC teams make up the top four on the list.

Now, just shut the doubters up, Kirbs.


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39 responses to “Rivals’ 20-year class rankings

  1. I’m surprised by this because according to many, the previous guy didn’t know how to recruit. I’m not saying this to get into a Kirby/CMR debate, but the quality of Jimmies and Joes was never the problem. The problems were (1) the quantity of players, (2) the balancing of positions and (3) multiple QB busts in a row while Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence left the state.

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  2. Anon

    Another recruiting championship. Gonna need a bigger trophy case

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ok, good. Now get over the curse of you-know-who. Pretty please.

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  4. Greg

    DANG!…..what’s holding us back?


  5. pantslesspatdye

    Talk about numbers being inflated by happenings decades ago. Georgia Tech is rated #49. That won’t last.


  6. MGW

    Seems to me that the Achilles’ heel of Georgia recruiting the last 20 years has kind of been that consistency. 15th might be the worst class we’ve had, but only recently have we ever reached the top. We spent a lot of time bringing in top 5 classes that were second or third in the SEC. Top ten classes that were fifth or sixth. You need depth, but you also have to have more than just one or two true studs to do anything significant.


  7. Hell of an eye opener to see 5 of the top 10 were SEC schools with the top 4 all SEC (shitty TN was 11th). This conference is tough to navigate through each season…also seeing LSU at number 2 is a stark reminder to not overlook them…just like a couple years ago, their pieces can fall in place and watch out. Let’s hope the breaks go our way this season. GATA

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  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    UGA/USC/Texas can fall bass ackwards into talent – I believe Mr Smart is the man for the job to finally put the pieces together for sustained championship level success.

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  9. Russ

    Our time is coming, possibly as soon as this fall.

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  10. CB

    Too bad Rivals is the one that ranks fake players.


  11. Down Island Way

    Tyler Simmons was onsides….

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  12. Dee Oellerich

    Something I did a while back, but dont have the #s with me…..saw an overall evaulation about -3- years ago that said UGA has the #1 toughest overall schedule of all time given the quality of opponents, etc. Auburn and Bama were 2nd and 3rd…..So I decided to make a quick look at how many NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS have been won by Georgia Tech, the adjoining -5- states of NC, SC, Ala, Fla, Tenn, AND OTHER SEC teams we played the year they won a National Championship, as I recall those folks have 35-50 National Championships…..Quality opponents to say the least…


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    Kirby, I’m probably unduly alarmed, but don’t be Guy Lewis.


  14. sniffer

    Please, Gawd, yes! Whip Florida, win the East, beat Bama and Shut them up! Until, you know, pundits.


    • rugbydawg79

      Beating those stinkin gaters is most important to me. Lose that one and I will be depressed the rest of the year. #FTMF’S

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  15. Shows how consistent GA has been at recruiting talent and how bad Bama had gotten before Saban arrived.