Get your hindsight in early.

Athlon asks a question — “Who will be the SEC’s top quarterback in 2021?”  One answer:

The best quarterback in the SEC is a signal-caller who has only thrown 22 passes in college: Alabama’s Bryce Young. No, he doesn’t have the track record (yet), but he’s also the No. 2 overall recruit from the Class of 2020 and the sixth-best QB recruit of all-time, per 247Sports. It may take him a few games to get up to speed, but as we’ve seen the last few years with Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones, Alabama is built to create star quarterbacks. And they’ve never had a quarterback recruit like Young before. Even with the departure of two first-round receivers and a first-round running back, tight end, and offensive tackle, Young will have plenty of talent surrounding him to help put up a Heisman campaign.

So, after reading that, I’ve got a question:  in a few years, will people be criticizing Nick Saban for not benching Jones to start Young instead?

I keed, I keed… I think.


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  1. No, because Bama won a championship with Mac. If we make the playoff in 2018 and had stayed on the same pace we were in 2019 pre-South Carolina, Justin Fields would just be the guy who left regardless of what he eventually did.

    Something happened during and after the South Carolina game that completely changed Fromm’s trajectory. No one has ever said what that was. I tend to believe it was the loss of Lawrence Cager until Pickens truly emerged at the Sugar Bowl.

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    • ASEF

      I’m probably oversimplifying this, but, from my perspective…

      A: Boom had an elite offensive tackle to match up against an average center, which killed Coley’s unimaginative running game, and…

      B: Boom had a couple of future NFL corners who could dominate Fromm’s 1 and 2 reads, and…

      C: Coley didn’t have a clue what to do about it.

      A + B + C = a QB with shattered confidence in himself and his coordinator.

      It really was a turning point for Fromm, and I don’t think he ever recovered. I also think it loomed large in his decision to just go be a NFL practice squad guy.

      Sucks for him.


      • Greg

        From my perspective:

        1) Fromm had receivers who couldn’t hang on to the ball……quit counting, there too many.

        2) Had receivers running the wrong routes.

        3) A shortage of quality receivers.

        4) The team become more one dimensional.

        The confidence you speak of, was more him not feeling confidence in his receivers….not himself, at least from my seat it was.

        Agree with your last sentence, I certainly think he should have stayed another year.

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        • jdawg108

          I think all of the above are correct. Plus Kirby didn’t allow Blakenship to attempt the game winner. If we win that game, Jake can Write it off as a bad game. But because we lost, he decided to try to force everything and put the team on his shoulders. Which from is not able to do. That’s not who he is


        • Gaskilldawg

          Senior UGA QB Jake Fromm could very well have played in his second CFB playoff final. However, from an NFL perspective his arm strength would have been the same this April, his height would have been the same and his athleticism would have been the same.

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  2. Greg

    If Young doesn’t develop to the best, Bama has a coaching/development problem….

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  3. rigger92

    Don’t they also have a new OC? They always leave that part out.

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  4. Down Island Way

    What If the question was “Who is God’s gift to sec qb’s”, or so it is written (biceptually speaking)….


  5. beatarmy92

    This is the stupidest Narrative alive on the internet today. It’s practically biblical in B1G Ten circles.


  6. Derek

    Ill take the kid at 36th.


  7. Faltering Memory

    I don’t really care as long as our’s is good enough to make our dreams come true. JMO, then he will be the best.

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  8. ASEF

    The “development” thing is a concerted collaboration to salt Kirby’s recruiting fields.

    Alabama’s offense has to take a step back this season – there’s nowhere else for it to go. But with their last 3 QBs being taken at 3, 15, and 53, they’ve probably earned a mulligan at this point.


  9. 69Dawg

    Well if the recruiting services have made him the greatest QB ever to play the game who am I to doubt them. LMAO

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  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    OTOH I’m getting tired of that predictable ‘Bama, ergo the greatest’, schtick. OTOH they’re gonna get the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.


  11. uga97

    The writer is a baseball guy…look at his Twitter, lazy journalism there. The other writers are connected and made reasonable picks.


  12. 6th best QB recruit of all time? Color me impressed.