A few fan friendly snapshots

Give Josh Brooks credit where it’s due.

Plus, a new revenue source!

And, finally…

Cool.  Now do tailgating.


UPDATE:  You may consider the above to be nibbling at the edges, but this ($$) has the potential to be a big effing deal, at least as far as I’m concerned.

Georgia is coming closer to having a master plan for facilities, even if that exact term isn’t being used. Brooks mentioned a “strategic vision” for the next five-to-seven years, and that he and his staff will be putting together such a plan.

The plan would include all sports and how it would be funded. Nothing is on paper yet.

“It’s in my mind right now,” Brooks said. “Obviously I have a lot of experience with facilities. But that’s the charge of my team that we’re going to work through the next month to start putting that longer-term plan together. And again, some schools will pay an architect $1 million to put together a facilities master plan. With my experience, and my team’s experience, I don’t think that’s a good use of money. I think what’s better for us, is we know where our facilities are, let’s start putting that plan together for what it’s going to look like in the next five-to-seven years. And beyond.”

Seth quotes Morehead as saying he’ll defer to Brooks on facilities decisions.  We shall see, but this would be a step in the right direction.


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28 responses to “A few fan friendly snapshots

  1. Nil Butron is a Pud


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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Oh, he’s gonna lower the price on some concessions? More bread and circuses for the unwashed mob to take their mind off of what all the actual problems are is what I hear.

    How about demolishing the current ring of concession stands and bathrooms and build new ones in a ring on the outer stadium upper deck struts? This way you more than double the size of the inside walkway and create bigger bathrooms with two doors?

    How about having an entire FMP so you stop losing the only championship winning coaches you actually have?

    How about stop extending underachieving coaches you inherited from one of the worst evaluators of coaching talent in college athletics history?

    How about you stop the downward slide of our entire Athletics program from said terrible AD?

    No? You’re gonna be just as terrible as the last guy, but hey, cheaper corndogs? Okay. I guess we all sit down and shut up now.

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  3. CB

    What about the cold beers?


  4. practicaldawg

    Now do like the Benz and add self service soft drink machines with unlimited refills.

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  5. ben

    The press box in the corner seems like a bad idea.

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    • 69Dawg

      Hell they watch the game on monitors anyway. That why they were able to broadcast games with the announcers at home all season. The spotters for the radio guys will need to lobby for a roof top vantage spot like the NASCAR spotter’s have. Oh yea, the great unwashed, in which ever end of the stadium is taken, are going to get it in the neck.


    • thunderdawg42

      The TV broadcast has more than enough cameras on (and above) the field to produce a quality product, so it’s just journalists and radio in the press box (aka ticketless freeloaders). Converting the 50 yd line prime real estate into donor suites makes sense economically, but I do wonder what they’re planning to do about the OCs that like to call plays from the press box.

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      • There will still be the coaches box around the 50. The print media gets moved to the corner, but the ESPN and radio guys stay where they are. Seth Emerson (no offense) doesn’t need a prime seating location to ply his trade.


        • Down Island Way

          The end of the “Dan Magill” press box, Munson would smoke ’em if UGA had the lead in the 4th quarter…all gone now…


    • Remember the Quincy

      I recall the year Auburn moved theirs, one of our radio guys posted a pic of his view to Twitter and bashed Auburn for moving the press box down there.

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      • Yeah I think that was Scott Howard. Did a quick Google search and can’t find the pic he posted, but it was ridiculous for Allbarn to move the pressbox to a corner of their stadium. He could hardly see the game, wasn’t happy about it and I don’t blame him, and I hate that my team is thinking of doing the same thing.

        We’re all going to be worse off as fans, when pressboxes get shoved into the cheap seats of stadiums and broadcasters/writers have to stay home while their teams travel. With the demise of daily newspapers, we’ve already lost most of our true beat writers, and I think our broadcasters need to travel with their teams and sit where they can actually see games (calling the action from monitors ain’t nearly the same, especially in football where you need to see the entire field as a play develops).

        To me, as an average fan/donor to UGA, keeping the pressbox where it is makes a whole lot more sense than converting it to high-roller suites, which I’d never see the inside of, anyway.

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  6. uga97

    The Georgia Way version of 4 Hotdogs/4 Cokes? Now how long to wait in line for cheap popcorn…I’d pay full price to get it in less than 1 minute…please tell us they will install grab n go style with mobile payments for these items rather than waiting 20 min in same length of lines since 1980 for Aunt Edna to ring up our change.


  7. Teacher Martin

    And they even sent metal tags to Bulldog club members instead of paper ones.


  8. GruvenDawg

    So in the master facilities plan from Damon Evans had and indoor (football/track) and outdoor track facility located at South Milledge. Just follow the old plan and break into the coffers.

    After the tennis indoor facilities get completed the next two on the docket should be Track and Field/Indoor outdoor and a potential new baseball facility (potentially also at South Milledge?) Looks like BM would need $20-$50 million for track and field indoor/outdoor and $30-60 million for new Baseball facility.

    Some other SEC school costs
    Outdoor track and field:2016 – $10.3 million
    Baseball: 2009 – $35.6 million (6,600 seated)

    Texas A&M
    Outdoor track and field: 2019 – $39.8 million
    Indoor Track and Field 2009 – $38 million (5,000 seated)
    Baseball 2012 – $24 million (6,100 seated)

    Baseball: 2021 – $65 million (7,000 seated)

    Indoor Track and Field: 2000 – ~$7 million (5,000+ seated)


    • I love Foley, and would hope it stays there, but I have struggled with how you up seating capacity in that existing footprint.


      • 86bone

        Go UP…the only way, plus possibly some sweet bleachers in the outfield like Clemson added years back. Would hate to see Foley leave that spot, but I have a feeling that eventually it is headed out towards the intramural fields near the softball facility…

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  9. With all the GTP earnings, the good Senator should buy one of the new suites and share with his devoted followers. Just saying…


  10. stoopnagle

    I’m still waiting to hear how mobile e-tickets is going to make up the difference from concessions.