He fast.

Speaking of filling the gap Pickens’ injury left…

Whoa.  Let’s hope speed kills this season.

Or maybe we should hope JT’s deep ball kills this season.


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  1. Russ

    That’s the first time I’ve seen Smith beat Boling. Fast dudes.


    • TEXBaller

      He really didn’t beat Boling….they didn’t run head to head. But will tonight. I got $100 on White Lightning!


  2. Whoa. Arian was faster than Boling? Was Boling on cruise control for the preliminaries or something?


  3. The only ‘wind aided’ stat line I have is a fart while getting up from the couch.

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  4. Greg

    thinks Boling’s qualifying time may be wrong, believe I read it was a 9.9 something this morning.

    But Arian is indeed fast, so is this fellow:

    Not really blazing fast, but quicker than a hiccup….and that is “Honkey McConkey”, thinks he gets some playing time and will surprise.


  5. The only response I can come up with:


  6. spur21

    When JT gets his timing down with Smith that will be something special to watch.

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    • PTC DAWG

      I’m not sure it’s possible to throw it far enough to Smith…Speed Merchant is what my Dad used to call folks like that.

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      • Russ

        Yeah, he’ll have to skip the three step drop and just wind up and heave it as far and as quick as he can.


        • Down Island Way

          Should opposing defenses believe they don’t have to play some sort of bump and run scheme (at a minimum) on # 11, that single play is open all day, all afternoon saturdays, all day sunday, alllll season long….


  7. lutzdawg

    When Smith pulls 2 or even 3 defenders on top of him, how open will the other side of the field be? His speed will be unstoppable both for him and the rest of the receivers getting single coverage. Going to be awesome to watch.


  8. ugafidelis

    Woof woof.

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  9. jdawg108

    Given more time spent with receivers, let’s hope he can hit that in stride more often.

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  10. Smith crossing under Washington from the slot should be unstoppable for the D to handle both.