Three guys walk into a podcast…

Josh and Graham invited me on to shoot the breeze about a few spring topics at Georgia.



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6 responses to “Three guys walk into a podcast…

  1. Greg

    Nice listen:

    Good points on Georgia basketball, may be some hope with Brooks. The other AD did indeed leave him with a mess and Brooks shouldn’t be blamed at this point.
    IZ feeling more confident in the Dawgs outlook on the secondary this year, especially if the Clemson fellow transfers in…..even if he doesn’t, we still have plenty of talent. The dude made a mistake, we all have.
    Good points on lazy sports writers, most just don’t do their homework. Just throw up that shat and sees what sticks.

    Thanks for sharing, a lot of good points…

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    • Greg

      Also agree on LSU, catch 22 with the track program.

      Nonetheless, thinks Brooks is more than likely an upgrade from “the other guy”. But is dealing with the same philosophy, right or wrong.


  2. spur21

    After watching that I have concluded you are prettier than most lawyers I have come in contact with. 🙂