“Y’all might see something out there soon about me going somewhere.”

Derion Kendrick sounds like he was quite the discipline problem at Clemson.

… Despite the way his time at Clemson ended, Kendrick is still thankful for the opportunity he had to play for the Tigers and Dabo Swinney.

“I give highly thanks to Dabo for just believing in me while I was there, always being on me, trying to get me better, to do better at everything, even if it was on the field, off the field,” Kendrick said. “And everybody around me just pulling for me, even if I was down, just pulling for me. You’ve gotta play with people like that. You’ve gotta play for people like that. That’s why I played with so much passion. I played with so much passion in the game because I wanted to play for them.”

Kendrick, who is a father of two, is hoping to boost his draft stock in his final season of college football.

He considered turning pro following his junior year but opted to return for one more season in hopes of earning his degree and improving his draft grade.

“The reason I came back to school was to finish, graduate, get my degree and then do whatever I wanted to do after that. It wasn’t really like, ‘Oh, go get the money right now.’ … It’s not just about football,” Kendrick said. “I’ve got a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, so that’s what I’m really doing this for. And I’ve got a family that’s behind me 100 percent.”

Total thug.  Why on earth would Kirby Smart want that headache?

Sarcasm aside, here’s why:

Also, this:

10) Derion Kendrick, Transfer Portal

Due to his current situation, Derion Kendrick presents a difficult evaluation. He surprisingly entered the transfer portal following the conclusion of the 2020 season. Furthermore, he currently remains without a team and was caught up in off-field issues involving law enforcement during the winter.

From a purely talent-based perspective, Kendrick would comfortably be in the top five of the top cornerbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft. A former wide receiver who snagged 210 receiving yards at 14 yards per catch in 2018, he transitioned to the defensive side of the ball to help the team.

The ball skills that he possessed as a receiver have helped him become a playmaker at the cornerback position. His experience of playing offense helps him to read the play. Furthermore, he demonstrated physicality both against the run and at the line of scrimmage.

Kendrick has the explosive athletic profile and playmaking ball skills to be a first-round pick. However, his projection is far from clear.

As I said the other day, essentially Kendrick is in a contract year.  Play well, and he’ll dispel the doubts and collect a big payday from an NFL team.  Does anyone really doubt Smart can motivate a player in that situation?



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49 responses to ““Y’all might see something out there soon about me going somewhere.”

  1. Biggen

    From that quote it sounds like he has his head on straight.

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  2. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I’m for signing him.

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  3. W

    I want the guy if Kirby does, but re character stuff, you want to just take his word for it that he’s straight as an arrow? His euphemisms seem to say “sorry I was a dick – I’ll try better next time”

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    • Maybe I’m missing something, but I can see from his comments why Dabo suspended and dismissed him, while still thinking Kendrick’s not a bad person. If you think prioritizing his children over football made him a dick, okay.


      • dman2020

        I am pretty sure W was going by the gun and weed situation and suspensions at Clemson thus the character stuff reference. I read it over several times and did not see where W mentioned his children at all.

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      • W

        “prioritizing his children over football made him a dick, okay”

        Not sure where that came from, but whatever. DK was a headache. If Kirby thinks he’ll buy in, great. But DK just saying so doesn’t mean anything.

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        • “prioritizing his children over football made him a dick, okay”

          Not sure where that came from, but whatever.

          I thought it came from “His euphemisms seem to say “sorry I was a dick – I’ll try better next time””… 😉


    • Greg

      agree for the most part, as long as Kirby does his due diligence……and at this point in his career, I believe he will. There is more at stake than just talent.


  4. practicaldawg

    This is the kind of player that would have been enrolled at Auburn within weeks of being dismissed by CMR.

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  5. RangerRuss

    The Dawgs could damn sure use his talent and knowledge/intel for the Clemson game. If he’s a shithead? Kick his azz back across the river afterwards. By late October the young DBs will have improved significantly.

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  6. stoopnagle

    A guy with run-ins with the Clemson cops is coming to Athens? Frying pan into a fire sort of situation there, ain’t it?

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  7. akascuba

    It’s his money year millions of reasons for him to get his shit in order. Seems he knows that too.

    If Kirby believes he can help on the field and not hurt the locker room. No reason not to give him a chance to showcase his NFL skills in a Georgia uniform.

    Hey coach Matt how’s the NFL ready left tackle search coming? Still believe production of the OL not defense is limiting factor of this season.

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    • Couldn’t agree more with both points…if ol Derion hasn’t found religion yet then no one or nothing is going to get through to him…worth the risk from my perspective…and that mix & match Oline is my biggest concern going in to 9/4…Coach Luke needs to have those friggin wrinkles ironed out

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  8. miltondawg

    I made a post recently in a DB thread about how Surtain last year was on an island all year and allowed very few receiving yards to whoever he was on. Also said that I would feel much better about the secondary if we had someone like him that could basically shut down a side of the field. This kid is that type of player. I hope like hell that we get him.

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  9. I trust Kirby to vet anyone he’s burning a roster spot on. I can’t say it any clearer than that: when it comes to roster management, Kirby has done nothing to cause me to question his competence.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Given how Deandre Baker and Isaiah Wilson’s lives completely imploded once they reached the NFL, the one thing I will never doubt Kirby can do is keep a kid on the straight and narrow.

    And as bad as everything with Baker was, it looks like he’s still going to play for KC. Wilson… I can’t even understand why or how or WHY that kid just threw away the tens of millions of dollars playing the next 5-10 years in the NFL would’ve netted him.

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  11. David D

    We’d better get him before Nick does.

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  12. uga97

    Pass on this guy. Let Tykee Smith lockdown one side, plus we’ve got enough speed & talent and a soft enough schedule to develop the others by seasons end for a playoff run.


  13. Bluto, I think you’re right…Kirby isn’t being altruistic here with this portal get…we have an immediate need, it appears Derion can fill it as a 1 and done. Kirbs has articulated that’s exactly how he intends to use the portal. To me, this is business as usual for roster management…if Derion doesn’t take control of his destiny and make the most of his season, then that is on him…no coach, no fan, no family member can make it happen for him going forward…it’s on his ass…if he screws the pooch, look in the mirror…no external motivation required

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  14. TripleB

    None of us know if taking this guy is a good idea, or if he is sincere in what he says. However, Kirby has the most to gain or lose, so I trust he is looking at it very carefully. Hopefully, he’ll get the call right.

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  15. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I have no idea why Dabo would suspend him from the team – as far as I can tell from searching, the details aren’t given except to say ‘violation of team rules’. But I bet Kirby knows, and either he isn’t worried about it, or he is confident he can deal with it. Then there are the criminal charges: misdemeanor possession of marijuana and illegal possession of a handgun. The report I read said he was asleep in his girlfriend’s car with the gun in his lap. I guess that is illegal in SC, but it’s pretty technical. There is reason to believe the charges will be dismissed. If they are dismissed, I say if he will come, take him.

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    • 79dawg

      I was surprised myself that they didn’t have open carry of handguns in SC…. Looks like they recently passed a new law that will not make it a statutory offense moving forward, so perhaps that is something playing into the anticipated dismissal of the charge….


      • jcdawg83

        It surprised me too. SC requires a gun be in glove box or console, GA does not. I’m under no delusion he is a “good kid” but I hope his selfishness and desire to get an NFL check will keep him in line for one season. Being trouble in the locker room could lead to Kirby sitting him and making sure rumors about his problems get out and kill his draft status.

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        • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

          You guys have some weird ideas about things sometimes.

          You don’t know anything real about this kid, but you’re already decided he’s selfish and has hang ups or issues.


  16. NotMyCrossToBear

    If he gets suspended at UGA his draft stock will tumble. Simple as that. If he can’t go to class, play football, and stay out of trouble after for 6 months he doesn’t deserve jack shit IMO. I would never leave my apartment if tens of millions was on the line.

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  17. uga97

    Didn’t say Tykee was a corner…he’s good enough to lockdown an entire side of a field by himself enough totake pressure away from let the young corners. Do we really want this Clemson kid to be in the locker as the representative DB leader?


  18. TN Dawg

    I don’t think it’s the kids/family man thing that leads people to believe he may be thuggish.

    It’s probably the whole passed out with drugs and a firearm in his lap thing.

    But I could be wrong.


    • Firearm in his lap?

      That’s not thuggery. That’s patriotic 2A stuff, man!


      • TN Dawg

        I’ve no problem with 2A.

        Any CCP holder knows you can’t drink or use drugs while carrying.

        It’s my suspicion, but I can’t prove it, that he was not exhausted from a long day at the range training for hone defense and nodded off in his girlfriend’s vehicle.

        Doesn’t make him a bad person, but if ‘thuggish’ is a description given to those that violate the law in a fashion that could be associated with drugs and violence, then that tag does not seem entirely foreign to the circumstances.

        YMMV, of course, depending on how much you need a defensive back.

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  19. 69Dawg

    Dang, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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  20. Scotty King

    If he wants to better himself, he can/will. If not, who knows…..


  21. beforeterry

    Just win baby. Deep down, that’s all that counts. I’ll save my moral assessments of others to a higher power.