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Ungrateful bitchez

As self-entitled as I’ve heard many football coaches sound about player transfers, this quote from Geno Auriemma, the women’s basketball coach at Connecticut, takes things to an entirely new level:

“And there’s something wrong with this idea of … student-athlete welfare, that everything should be done to accommodate the student-athlete, with no regard whatsoever to the coaches who work their ass off, to recruit these kids in the first place, work with them, help them get better, make them the player that they are. And then they up and leave with no consequences whatsoever.”

Geno’s making $2.7 million a year for his troubles.  But, shit, will no one think of the head coaches?

(And before you ask, yes, he’s taken transfers.  Clearly, he’s not being paid to be consistent.)



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“End of story.”

A reader passed this keen analysis of the Clemson-Georgia game on to me.  Please enjoy.


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Alabama’s bag man

Who needs the $100 handshake?  Not these guys.

Not saying NIL won’t make a difference in recruiting, but the really big bucks come in the NFL draft and the programs that can sell that opportunity the best to elite talent are still gonna make out fine.


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BREAKING: speed still kills

And he still fast.  Yowza.


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