Alabama’s bag man

Who needs the $100 handshake?  Not these guys.

Not saying NIL won’t make a difference in recruiting, but the really big bucks come in the NFL draft and the programs that can sell that opportunity the best to elite talent are still gonna make out fine.


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13 responses to “Alabama’s bag man

  1. Greg

    Guess ole Albert Means was just born at the wrong time.

    Bama gonna always Bama IYAM.


  2. munsonlarryfkajim

    Amazing stat actually. Going to be a tough hump to crest while the goat is still around and maybe even a few years after


  3. akascuba

    I guess Georgia’s list would start with Matthew Stanford’s 250 Million + contracts. Last time I looked UGA had about 50 players on NFL payrolls.


    • Remember the Quincy

      This list isn’t all the former Bama players currently playing in the league…it’s just the players drafted this year. So our list to compare it to wouldn’t include players that were drafted ten years ago or more.


  4. Derek

    Over a dozen of long snapper will make more in 2021 than that guy:


  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Bama doesn’t do $100 handshakes, they do $100,000 bag drops to the handler.


  6. ASEF

    Pretty much. The folks who think the LA social media market is going to suddenly make Clay Helton a recruiting juggernaut aren’t paying much attention to the game right now.

    For elite recruits, it’s all about surrounding yourself with other elite recruits. Better practices, bigger games, teams can’t double you all the time.

    Not exactly rocket science.


  7. jill Evans

    No McDonald bags at Bama. Only Ruth’s Chris will do.


  8. aucarson

    Bam players don’t take pay cuts just because they’re going pro. Their agents are not stupid.