Ungrateful bitchez

As self-entitled as I’ve heard many football coaches sound about player transfers, this quote from Geno Auriemma, the women’s basketball coach at Connecticut, takes things to an entirely new level:

“And there’s something wrong with this idea of … student-athlete welfare, that everything should be done to accommodate the student-athlete, with no regard whatsoever to the coaches who work their ass off, to recruit these kids in the first place, work with them, help them get better, make them the player that they are. And then they up and leave with no consequences whatsoever.”

Geno’s making $2.7 million a year for his troubles.  But, shit, will no one think of the head coaches?

(And before you ask, yes, he’s taken transfers.  Clearly, he’s not being paid to be consistent.)



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  1. spur21

    Hypocrisy pays well.

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  2. uga97

    “Then they up & leave with no consequences whatsoever…” Now why would a kid go and do a thing like that? Exit survey for coaches, which of the following best represents your scenario? One answer please:

    A.) My kid found out we lied our asses off during the recruiting process.
    B.) My kid wants to pursue their dreams.
    C.) My kid watched coaches leave for better paying jobs at other programs with no consequences.
    D.) I knowingly signed up for a sport where my kid can leave for WNBA after just 1 year, so I am mad that transfers keep them in college LONGER.

    What a frigging POS.

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  3. Greg

    College football has become a free agency market. Just wish the pros would change their rules and allow them to enter/drafted at 17/18 years of age.

    “It’s the end of the world as we know it.”


  4. mg4life0331

    I love multi-millionaire victims.

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  5. Won’t someone think of the millionaires who can peace out on their players and jump for an even higher-paying job basically whenever they want or, alternatively, get bought out of their contracts and continue earning millions for doing absolutely nothing at all?


  6. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I thought this was a football blog.


  7. Sadly, and despite what many of my friends may think, I just can’t be a big enough of an asshole to be a college coach or AD and make those millions.

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  8. 86bone

    🇺🇸🇺🇸Happy Memorial Day Dawgs🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    I ASSume you are cool with attorneys leaving your firm and representing the party they were just going after in court..seems fair doesn’t it?


  10. TN Dawg

    The average salary for a collegiate women’s basketball coach is less than $50 k.

    Auriemma is the Nick Saban of women’s hoops.


  11. The day Geno does something that doesn’t better the life of Geno, someone please be sure to let me know.

    Jim Calhoun used to wake up everyday looking for someone to fight too. Storrs must truly be an awful place to live.