Living rent free in Your Daily Gator’s head

Bob Redman writes this:

… It appears that Athlon Sports sees what I see in Dan Mullen when it comes to being the head coach at the University of Florida. As I wrote in the “Revisiting the Mullen vs. Smart Argument”, Mullen tends to get the most out of the players he coaches. And according to Athlon Sports that is a big but not the only reason for projecting Mullen as a better coach than Kirby Smart among SEC coaches.

… But what seems to set apart Mullen from Smart and many other coaches is what we talked about this week… his ability to prepare and develop players that may not have all of the recruiting rankings of other programs.

Uh hunh.  Tell us more, Bob.

But the edging of Smart on the list probably has them frothing from the mouth in Athens.

I don’t get paid for what I do here at the blog, but I really hope I’ve never written anything that embarrassing.


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21 responses to “Living rent free in Your Daily Gator’s head

  1. dman2020

    Methinks he doth protest too much.

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  2. What has Jimbo Fisher done since Crab Legs left Tallahassee that has him at #2 on that list? Nothing other than drive the once proud FSU football program into the ground before bailing and really doing nothing beyond what Kevin Sumlin had done in College Station (at least Sumlin has a victory over Saban).

    Dopey is such a great coach that the program with an AD who had worked with him when he was an assistant barely pretended to have an interest in him at UGA.

    Does Kirby have his warts? Yes, but he’s the one guy not named Nick Saban to recognize it and change.

    Who will be at the current location longer? Kirby, Dopey, or Fisher? I’ll take Kirby by a mile.

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Redman gets paid? Why?


  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    there is a lot tard in that turd

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  5. practicaldawg

    Memories of flying shoes and home losses to sub .500 teams are short with the talking season media.

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  6. A UF guy rates mullet ahead of CKS……tell me more, lol.

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  7. benco04

    The UF friendly media is getting A LOT of mileage out of “the Kirby narrative.” I imagine this is similar to what it’s like in Auburn during the Alabama dynasty, minus that lone championship of course.

    The other thing that slaps is the pretension of 2020 being some kind of breakout. Most UGA folk I know use that 2019 South Carolina game as a watershed moment for UGA’s offensive philosophy turnaround. Florida looks at the 2020 LSU game as a shoe-throwing aberration.

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  8. theorginaldawgabides

    He’s a 400+ pound pile of shit. Literally anything food related makes this disgusting excuse for a human body froth at the mouth.

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  9. Dawglicious

    Lol, Senator, if you ever wrote anything a tenth as embarrassing as that I’d quit watching football.

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  10. rigger92

    No, Senator, as a long time reader I can offer my opinion that you have not published anything this dumb.

    Ee pretty much sums it up. Sans Chubb/Sony, our problems have been on offense with a focus on an OC and QB play.


  11. Clearly this is there best counterpunch to our “Keep Grantham…please” narrative. So embrace it…Dopey is better than Smart. Really. Keep him too.

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  12. Russ

    Actually I agree with him when he says he’d never trade Mullen for Smart. Neither would I.

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  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s cute. With him and Climpson’s Gomer Pyle doing “end of story, end of story” it’s been a good few days .
    You imagine there are Georgia commentators out there who provide equivalent enjoyment to fans at our brethren schools?


  14. uga97

    Mullet’s end of season crash including, LSU & the bowl vs OU, was a faceplant beyond proportions. He finished tied Kirby in total wins last season at 8, but had twice as many losses with 4, although we didn’t officially get to complete our 9th win over Vandy. Mullet’s brief window of opportunity was cracked open, and he shit the bed. He and his Mississippi State posse migrated to Gainesville, including Grantham & the AD, sold the gayturd alumni on 15 year old offense & defense. As soon as as the clock hits zero in Jax this fall, FU should fall suit right back into another decade of darkness.

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  15. If Mullen is so great, so much better than Kirby…why hasn’t UF resigned shithead to a long term contract with a monumental buyout? Maybe the Hogtown AD sees what we see. FTMFs…but don’t get me wrong…let him stay down there w Grantham…so far it’s working for us…last season was an anomaly


    • Down Island Way

      When HC’s start standing at the podium with confetti falling from the rafters every other season, then and only then can comparisons be navigated…until then it’s the sad commentary of little nicky and the rest…oh, by the way, that pencil neck, costume wearin’ geek of a hogtown piece of lizard shit on the bottom of my flip flop can transport port-o-let all friggin’ day on 3rd and long…#FTMF…you wanna’ talk about burnt ass when CKS brings the trophy to Athens Town…#FTMF’s big time….

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  16. Texas Dawg

    We should all sing Mullen and Grantham’s praises. We should all agree whole heartedly that Kirby can not hold a candle to The Portal Master. We should acknowledge that every time we stomp the ‘turds asses that it was just pure luck or officiating bias. In other words, we should do what ever it takes to keep the Comedy Dream Team firmly ensconced in Hogtown for the foreseeable future. They are the gift that just keeps on giving. I would hate to lose them and see real coaching down there.

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  17. Info Info

    They are trying to rationalize themselves into a win this year. I think we beat them ala 1982 except we pass for 400+ rather than run for that number…

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  18. David D

    SpongeBob Redrants. He and Mike Bianchi should get a room.


  19. panamaredblack

    “I don’t get paid for what I do here at the blog”
    [ad immediately below…]