Of bugs, features and the CFP

Gee, how familiar.

The hilarious thing is that an eight-team playoff is being offered as a way to fix the “problem”.  The reality is a guarantee that all P5 conference winners make the field simply enshrines it.  Add every Notre Dame team that manages to lose two games or less in a season, along with the top G5 team, to the eight-team quarterfinals and you’re down to one wild card spot a year.

It’s an invitation for further expansion, and why not?  Mo’ money is all that fuels postseason decision making and the built-in instability of this set up will encourage adopting ever bigger playoff fields.  But it’ll be the same group of four or five at its core and those will be the programs that dominate the finals.

Enjoy those brackets, though.



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  1. The problem has always been logistics, especially beyond 8 teams. How do they expect a couple of teams to play 17 games? Does ND get the Bye for not having to play in a conference championship game (as does possibly the other wild card team)? If the first round is not played on campus in a 12-16 team field, will fans/ students travel in consecutive weeks over the holidays? Will there be NY6 bowls, or will TV pay them off to become part of the playoff scheduling?

    They’ll screw this up, probably by starting with 6 teams and when they realize that just guaranteed the PAC12 winner and ND a slot they’ll push to 8 and payoff the Peach Bowl to move their date and add Las Vegas as hosts.

    And the SEC will still dominate.


  2. aucarson

    The B1G had to change the rules for OSU to get in last year.

    The only change I see for this year is in the PAC maybe.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    That list looks . . . tiresome.


  4. Down Island Way

    Only desirable expansion is…Margarita’s for everyone…(imagine, eight machines working in harmony)


  5. 81Dog

    There aren’t more than 4 teams a year that can win an NC. Many times, so far, the semis are blowouts. The only reason to expand the playoffs is the lure of TV money. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. More injuries, more wear and tear, more blowouts from mismatches. No thank you.

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  6. UGA Fan: Wait you mean this is whole enterprise is only a money thing?

    UGA: Always has been



  7. fisheriesdawg

    The biggest problem in that field, especially if you’re tired of seeing the same teams, lies in 2016 and 2017. Ohio State got in despite losing the Big Ten and then Alabama got in despite losing the SEC. So the playoff field was even less interesting than the graphic indicates.


  8. originaluglydawg

    This way you can play the same team (potentially) three times in a season!
    For instance, if an SECE team plays Bama during the season, plays them in the SECCG and then meets them in the playoffs!
    And you’ll only need to beat them the last two out of the three to be national champs!
    The SEC would need to kill the cross conference games to avoid this.
    The assholes planning this expansion need to be tarred and feathered.

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  9. Your take on the 8 plan is exactly what I’ve been saying. The Go5 conferences will sue the CFP if they don’t get a guaranteed spot. ND will continue to be independent and, as long as they don’t suck, will get an at-large berth as if they are a P5 champion. That leaves one spot for a team who proved during the season they weren’t even the best team in their conference.

    Yippee! I can’t wait for the #1 seed to blow out the Go5 champion.

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    • miltondawg

      Same. Since the inception of the playoff, there probably hasn’t been a 1-8 matchup that would have been worthwhile to watch. And as I have said on here before, I’m not sure that it’s better for the 12 Pack to get a team in and watch them get humiliated on national television than to have it’s undeserving champion not get into a four team playoff. It happens more than not that one of the teams in the 12 Pack championship game (and sometimes both) aren’t even in the top 10 nationally at the time the game is played.


  10. rigger92

    What are the chances that the 85 scholarship number gets increased as a result of having 17 game seasons? I know it’s only a couple of teams that would end up at 17, but everyone is undefeated to start the season.


  11. Greg

    “Any Given Saturday”

    all for it, even to go to 16. The other bowls are DEAD 2 me….and they know it.