One last transfer housekeeping issue

Sure, the NCAA now allows the transfers of Brandon Turnage from Alabama and Arik Gilbert from LSU, but that still leaves Georgia in need of the SEC’s blessing.  At this moment, there remains an intra-conference ban on the books that would require both to sit a year before being allowed to play in Athens.

However, Mark Schlabach reports that SEC chancellors and presidents are expected to vote whether to change the rule on Thursday.  Barrett Sallee confirms that such a vote is expected this week and that a change is expected to pass.

So, watch for that — and be glad that it isn’t Greg McGarity representing Georgia’s interests this week.


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6 responses to “One last transfer housekeeping issue

  1. 81Dog

    McJughead would probably vote to rescind the rule, then refuse to let our transfers play because he feels honor bound to apply it this year anyway.

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  2. gotthepicture

    According to Dean Legge, UGA was really pissed that Cade Mays got an immediate transfer waiver last season, which was granted based on COVID hardship. If UGA gets blocked this year, which would be par for the course from the SEC, I imagine Kirby will blow a gasket.