Your Daily Gator copes with grief.

It can’t be easy watching Arik Gilbert spurn your program and sign with Georgia.  It’s only natural to search for answers in this crazy world as to why a talented kid would make such a dumb decision when he had it all right in his hands.  It’s even more natural, once the frustration passes and you stop seething, to explain it all away.

You know about the seven stages of grief, right?  Here’s what they are in Gatorland:

  • Kirby has bag men.  Dan doesn’t.
  • Georgia lacks academic standards, unlike Florida.
  • Gilbert will be wasted at tight end in Athens, unlike in Gainesville.
  • Kirby will underachieve, as always, unlike Mullen, who always gets the most out of his talent.
  • If Georgia doesn’t win a natty, it will be an embarrassment, unlike at Florida.
  • When Kirby doesn’t win a championship this season, his seat will get hot.  Dan just got a contract extension.
  • 1980

Fun offseason, eh?


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37 responses to “Your Daily Gator copes with grief.

  1. They’re so mad they could just…just…throw a f*cking shoe at something.

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  2. And, I’ll say the only thing that makes the whole thing more enjoyable is that Tennessee and Tech fans legit thought he was landing in Neyland or at Mark Richt Field this fall.

    You love to see it.

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  3. The pressure on Kirby and UGA to win is going to be intense (more so from a national perspective). When looking at the schedule, I think that’s fair, too. With what Georgia has coming back, coming in, and on the schedule, anything less than 11-1 is a massive failure, and 11-1 itself would seem disappointing in many ways. Whether they can get past the bogey man in Atlanta is something entirely different.

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  4. Teacher Martin

    Well that part about Kirby winning a National Championship is more that likely right. Don’t think it will be happening.


  5. David D

    Let’s just beat the ever-lovin’ shit outta’ Florida this year. The rest will take care of itself.

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  6. Down Island Way

    Got no problem with 1980…President Ronald Reagan, Far Side (cartoon strip), “Do You Believe In Miracles, Yes”…Georgia Bulldogs..among many others (loss of a Beatle)…

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  7. gotthepicture


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  8. practicaldawg

    Now they’re going to be mad you have their playbook


  9. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    it is like a time machine mirror looking at jort nation…we also thought we had turned the corner in Jax in ’97 and ’07 but the narrative never really changed until the man from Decatur Co. showed up

    Comment s’dit F.T.M.F

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  10. charlottedawg

    There’s only one set of circumstances where your rivals constantly accuse you of having bag men everywhere: when you’re kicking their ass repeatedly

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    • TN Dawg

      The Senator frequently notes that the players are already getting paid by bag men in college football.

      Are we to suppose Georgia is the only program in college football not engaged in that activity?

      The one pure and holy program?


  11. Ran A

    We have become them and they have become us. The best part of yesterday? The Portal Master gets an extension and Kirby lands the two biggest pieces left on the board out of the portal. If you are a pragmatic Gator; yesterday was a really bad day.

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  12. I know Thor is the god of thunder, but Kirby must be up there as the Dude that steals Mullen’s thunder…cause on a day when Dano got a contract extension just in time for face to face recruiting…ol Kirby dropped a huge load of 2, count em 2 5stars transferring in via the portal…suck on that Darth-shithead and all you wailing jort wearing Hogtown pieces of shit…oh, please forgive my manners…FTMFs.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Frozen, holding back like that is so unhealthy!!

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      • Amen to that, Billy…someone needs to educate the general public that blue balls ain’t just caused by your sack dropping down into the blue toilet water…it’s from holding back! #smurfnuts not that, on second thought

        I think it was the literary scholars at Tears for Fears U that wrote

        Shout, Shout, Let it all Out


  13. Whiskey Dawg

    Do they make Depends big enough to fit Todd Grantham?

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  14. Darin Cochran

    Speaking of the Clemson kid coming in, what do you think, Senator? Are our secondary problems finally solved? We got this kid, the WV kid, the Bama transfer and the talent on hand wasn’t to shabby looking, albeit young and inexperienced. Do we finally stop wringing our hands now about the DBs going up against Clemson and D.J. Uareugly in game 1?


  15. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Fuck those motherfuckers!


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