Danny Kanell: appreciating the grind

I can’t say I admire Kanell, but I have to admit, when it comes to dogging the SEC, the man is relentless.

That’s a fucking comment about college baseball.  I guess the mere thought of Alabama triggers a Pavlovian response from the guy.

By the way, it appears Kanell is honing in on a program we know and love.

It’s nice to know he cares, anyway.



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24 responses to “Danny Kanell: appreciating the grind

  1. aucarson

    Because FSU didn’t get preferential treatment in 1993 when they lost to Notre Dame but went to the NC game.

    oh wait…

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  2. 81Dog

    Kannell isn’t stupid, but he’s a rich kid jock who’s probably been catered to his whole life. He seems to have decided to be a more amicable Finebaum: his whole schtick is rubbing opposing fan bases together until something catches fire. The idea of a former FSU qb pearl clutching about ” character issues is a riot. I don’t recall any criticism from him if The Crab King. 🙂

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  3. Ran A

    Right after Georgia and Alabama played for the National Championship, he was interviewed by one of the guys from the SEC Network on Sat Radio’s College Football Show. He was upset and wanted 8 teams in. So the following question was asked. “Would you be okay with 2 SEC Teams being in with 8 teams?” Answer: “Yes, as long as they are on the same side of the bracket.”

    I had no doubt that he was just filled with jealousy and hate when it came to the SEC. But this basically double-confirmed it.

    So when he takes shot at Georgia’s character, being a FSU guy, it just brings an eye roll. Danny is just an average guy on the radio. He gets his headlines by taking shots at the SEC. That’s it. It’s all he got. If Georgia goes on and wins the National Championship, he’ll say something stupid on Twitter and get a whole lot of clicks from Dawg fans, which raises his profile. Smartest thing to do – ignore this guy. He’s a jackass.

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    • otto1980

      yup I only see something from him if it hits this blog or something like Dawgnation and then I don’t click on the click. F that guy, he doesn’t report anything I can’t get reading someone else, and likely reports less.

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  4. akascuba

    Danny who?

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    • spur21

      My first thought too. I had to look him up since I honestly knew nothing about him – funny everything listed had “former”.

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  5. Once you reach a certain maturity you realize that the carnival barkers are just trying to get you to react…your last sentence says it all, Bluto…this guy doesn’t give 1 shit about UGA…good bad or indifferent. So, like this punk mouth breather, I remain indifferent. The Dawgs just need to prove it on the field…Sept 4th can’t get here fast enough

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  6. David D

    Kanell will always be bitter towards us. Mark Richt was Danny’s O.C. at FSU. When we canned CMR and hired Kirby, it set him upon this path of righteous indignation. He and Mark May should get a room.

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  7. sundiatagaines

    I love how he pivots his criticism immediately.

    First it’s about values. Then it’s about creating risk in the locker room. So Danny….you’re saying you don’t really believe your own values argument as long as the locker room risk is mitigated. Do I have that right?

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  8. Biggen

    It’s beyond laughable that a former F$U player could question the character of, well, anyone. He knows damn well the criminals that Bowden had on the roster back in the 90s. And then ol’e crab leg Winston later under Jimbo.

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  9. Dawg in Austin

    I wonder which one of these tweets will prove to be less prophetic than the other? Not that Danny cares.


  10. RangerRuss

    What a shithead.

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  11. NotMyCrossToBear

    Hey Danny:

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  12. Whiskey Dawg

    Two years with the Falcons 6 TDs Vs 9 INT. 2 Fumbles. Danny who?

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  13. gotthepicture

    I was gonna say he’s a “one trick pony”, but I’ll leave at “Asshole”.

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  14. Comin' Down The Track

    [Screenshot of Tweet]… and now we play the waiting game.


  15. originaluglydawg

    If the boy is so worried about unworthy teams getting into the playoffs, he should start with All Cupcake Champs Clemson’s getting selected to the CFB playoffs on a regular basis. What a joke of a football accomplishment. Shouldn’t count for shit.


  16. BuffaloSpringfield

    Well, Danny done gotta’ get paid. It’s June so whatever the Mickey Mouse Club comes up with they have their own puppet master in Kanell to pull their strings of controversy. The twisted minds of the Anaheim/Orlando/Bristol Cabal has multiple outlets with their own propagandist to keep you posted for the remaining 92 days until their $$$ commercialism of what was once a football game comes to what we all thought was a HD 4K TV near you. ( fooled ya they aren’t going to do 4K unless you wanna pay $$$ for a pay per view science fiction thriller ) Till then I don’t think Walt would done it that way.


  17. godawgs1701

    You know, I’d like to see someone with clout call out Danny Kannell on his bullshit here. Explain to me exactly what sins Derion Kendrick has committed that make his “character” so bad that we should be ashamed to suit him up? Did he hit girls? No, he didn’t. Did he sexually assault girls? No, he didn’t. Did he steal? No, he didn’t.

    He apparently smoked weed and owned a gun that he didn’t have the appropriate license for. Well, a lot of college kids smoke weed. And while the gun charge is troubling, it also got dropped and the courts don’t usually do that if it’s an air tight case. It should be noted he’s never been accused of using it, so there’s that. In the grand scheme of things, that’s a pretty light set of sins to be vilified by a middle aged white guy from the lofty heights of the CBS Sports Network.


    • RangerRuss

      What’s troubling about the gun charge is the gun charge itself. Unconstitutional chickenshit. But weed? Well, we got do something about that weed. You know the stuff is bad as smack and coke. It’s right there in the federal statutes. I’m sure glad we got ol DK looking out for us ignorant Dawgs.

      The shithead.

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  18. archiecreek

    Never heard of her!!

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