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The road to the CFP

… is paved with a regular season schedule so weak Ohio State can mock it.

Granted, they’ll likely pick up either Miami or North Carolina in the ACCCG, but still, that leaves a lot to be desired.  (Although it’s not Clemson’s fault the ACC’s depth blows this season.)



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Today, in reader blegs

Here’s an email I received from Jason:

I know somewhere along the way, there is a “What to do in Athens” post, but not sure how to locate it. God-willing, I will make it back to the States this summer and am thinking I want to do 2 nights in the Classic City after at least 14 years.

First, the cheapest decent hotel I found is the Graduate Athens. Second, I know I will likely visit Creature Comfort and The Last Resort (which was actually open when I was a student), but other than that, if I have 2 nights in Athens, out of football season, what else do I need to hit? I graduated in 91 so, if there are still landmarks from that era, I might hit those, but what else is “not to be missed”?

Can y’all help a reader out with useful suggestions?

Consider this one of those quasi-Playpen posts I referred to back in April.  It’s non-football, but I expect everyone to stay on topic in the comments.  Have at it, gang.


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TFW beef is a luxury

Interesting quote from Sam Pittman about rebuilding a roster ($$):

“You can change your team faster with speed than you can with a team full of big people,” Pittman said. “We’re in the win-right-now business, not hey wait on me for five years. So we went hard because we felt like we could recruit speed, and we went hard to try to get speed at all positions. Then let our weight room staff and let our future recruiting get us into the big man business.”

When a guy who’s built a career on signing and developing large human beings says that, you know what the current rules for college football are dictating.


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If at first you don’t succeed, get ’em in the transfer portal.

Some Dawg porn-y thoughts from Matt Hinton:

Let’s face it:  if you’re looking for an emerging 2021 narrative for UGA, “no excuses this year” appears to be gaining rapid momentum.

By the way, per Seth Emerson ($$),

The latest tally, for those keeping track of such things, is 20 five-star recruits on Georgia’s roster, with this week’s additions of Arik Gilbert and Derion Kendrick.

Hubba hubba.


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The SEC ditches its intraconference transfers rules.

You want to know how much times have changed in just a few short years?

The SEC greenlights intraconference transfers and this is all the guy who famously lost his shit over Maurice Smith — a graduate transfer, remember — wanting to leave Tuscaloosa for Athens could muster in response.

“It really is what it is. You just have to adapt to whatever it is. I don’t know what will happen today when they vote on that whole deal. I know that the other conferences have said you can intraconference transfer, but I have no idea what the outcome of that will be, so we just have to wait and see.”

Oh, bullshit.  When the day comes that Nick Saban honestly says he has no idea about what the effect of a policy change will be, it’ll be because he’s in retirement.  He’s already gamed this particular sucker out three ways to Sunday and knows it’s a net plus for his program.

By the way, so does Kirby Smart.


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“So, you can blow me again!”

I figure if Greg McGarity were still AD, upon learning the news that Johnny Manziel admitted to receiving more than thirty grand for signing autographs while at Texas A&M, Georgia would retroactively forfeit every game Todd Gurley ever suited up for and played in.


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Musical palate cleanser, er’rybody got the blues edition

A very good morning hat tip to Idlewild Dawg, who clued me in to this clip of three giants on Soul Train:

If that doesn’t make you smile, there’s something wrong wit’ cha…


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