TFW beef is a luxury

Interesting quote from Sam Pittman about rebuilding a roster ($$):

“You can change your team faster with speed than you can with a team full of big people,” Pittman said. “We’re in the win-right-now business, not hey wait on me for five years. So we went hard because we felt like we could recruit speed, and we went hard to try to get speed at all positions. Then let our weight room staff and let our future recruiting get us into the big man business.”

When a guy who’s built a career on signing and developing large human beings says that, you know what the current rules for college football are dictating.


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11 responses to “TFW beef is a luxury

  1. MGW

    Only in the SEC can a 3-7 first year set unrealistic expectations for the future…

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Gotta admit I’ve never seen any team claim they had the fastest OL in football.


    • MGW

      When they start talking about “pulling guards” and guys who are “quick to the next level” that’s code for a (relatively) small, fast line.


  3. Recruit athletes who can move and you can turn them into good linemen. In today’s spread game like Kendal Briles wants to play, you don’t need road graders … you need guys who can deal with speed guys on the edge.

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    • junkyardawg41

      I totally agree. Briles offense is designed to use X’s and O’s to make up for Jimmy’s and Joe’s. It’s not a recipe for championships but you can get to a pretty high level.

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  4. snoopdawgydawg

    As long as it doesn’t come at our expense, I’m really pulling for Pittman to succeed at Arkansas. He just seems to get “it” in terms of communication, fan service, making it just sound fun.

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  5. uga97

    Speed great to flip a field, but on O, power is still needed inside the red zone on or short yardage 1st down conversions or on D, power still important for big goal line stands.


  6. 123 Fake St

    Pittman did a really good job last year. I fully believe he’ll get them turned around. If you look at their losses last year, only three were blow outs. One of those was against the Dawgs where the Hawgs led at halftime. The rest were competitive.

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  7. Anon

    Inflation is real man….not even the PitBoss can afford beef nowadays.