The SEC ditches its intraconference transfers rules.

You want to know how much times have changed in just a few short years?

The SEC greenlights intraconference transfers and this is all the guy who famously lost his shit over Maurice Smith — a graduate transfer, remember — wanting to leave Tuscaloosa for Athens could muster in response.

“It really is what it is. You just have to adapt to whatever it is. I don’t know what will happen today when they vote on that whole deal. I know that the other conferences have said you can intraconference transfer, but I have no idea what the outcome of that will be, so we just have to wait and see.”

Oh, bullshit.  When the day comes that Nick Saban honestly says he has no idea about what the effect of a policy change will be, it’ll be because he’s in retirement.  He’s already gamed this particular sucker out three ways to Sunday and knows it’s a net plus for his program.

By the way, so does Kirby Smart.


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8 responses to “The SEC ditches its intraconference transfers rules.

  1. Down Island Way

    When little nicky retires (by the way, he ain’t got time for that retirement shit…), the bammers will hire him as an analyst…


  2. spur21

    Upon further review Kirby has always bitch slapped Mullen on the recruiting trail and has now moved on to the portal – what a great time to be a Dawg fan.

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  3. mg4life0331

    Well you have to give it up to him. Not only can he win a Natty in Football, but in bullshitting too.


  4. 79dawg

    Well, the immediate effect is he gets the guy from 10RC – the medium and long-term effects remain unknown (even St. Nick can’t predict the future, you know), but the odds are its going to lead to lots of poaching and tapping-up, which is destabilizing for everyone….