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Your Daily Gator haz a sad.

About Arik Gilbert

Sitting up thinking about the addition of Arik Gilbert at UGA, and honestly feel sad for the kid… all of these boys grow up wanting to play in college, then the league, they are trusting of coaches and programs that promise them the moon and seem easily sold the shiny thing (I live under the belief and knowledge that every school has “bag men”, and in turn don’t fault anyone for it…)

To the point though. UGA’s transfers outside of the seemingly silent JT Daniels have seemed cancerous to me… especially this year and I think this falls back on Kirby’s inability to grow men and control his team. I think he is so caught up chasing Saban – he has missed something Saban does so well – and personally something I believe Mullen does well (I think Mullen has a lot of faults). UF and Bama, heck even Clemson there is little confusion of who is in charge. When I watch UGA I don’t feel like Kirby is in charge and I think that becomes problematic for Kirby.

Derion Kendrick – Arrested and removed from Clemson.

Arik Gilbert – seems a little like a premadona (not saying I didn’t want him), and honestly does anyone know what happened, sounds like grades were a huge issue as well as him just kind of being a baby.

Brandon Turnage – I get the feeling he saw the writing on the wall that he wasn’t going to see much playing time (don’t necessarily fault him for this…) but Kirby isn’t like Mullen – he’s doesn’t appreciate experience or seniority (which I actually like – he plays the talent) – but what makes Turnage think he is going to transfer to UGA and now see overwhelming playing time. (Thus leading to more discourse, more distrust by players who Kirby has also promised things to).

Just look at the guys he has not been able to control and the lack of leadership he has fostered to help keep boys in line.

Cager and Pickens were total goons, easily offended puppies and would react to anything and everything.

In Kirby’s first six months on the job he has 6 players arrested in 2016.

Between February-August of 2018 Smart has 6 different players arrested (one whom now is a Gator and clearly has made some changes). At that time Kirby said he had done “a poor job of getting through to players”.

Demetrius Robertson, was just arrested in February.

I don’t think much has changed. I don’t feel like Kirby is in control of his team, which is probably attractive to some of these kids – escpically the ones who have already bucked ownership and authority elsewhere.

All that said I think UGA is going to be good this year, the talent is remarkable… but when you are a mediocre “coach” and not in control of your team, it doesn’t really matter how talented you are.

Have been incredibly proud watching how our boys handle themselves seemingly on and off the field (outside of Marco… but I would have gotten rid of him a long time ago).

Go Gators. Dawgs Suck.

Kirby truly is a house of cards.

Cool, dude.  Now do Corch’s Florida years.



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