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The tie that binds

You know, for all the Daily Gator mockery I indulge in here, I do want to acknowledge one truth our respective fan bases share:

Todd Grantham is an overpaid, overrated defensive coordinator.

Of course, only one of us hopes he stays in Gainesville for a long, long time.


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“I don’t care about the ratings.”

Coach making over $4 million a year to finish no better than third in his division in the last three seasons is upset ($$) that one the primary entities that makes his salary what it is doesn’t kowtow to his personal scheduling preferences.

“I am pissed at Fox for our kickoff time against Kansas State,” Shaw told The Athletic. “… For Stanford in particular and Oregon to be going and playing in a different time zone, and give us an early kickoff, to me, is incredibly disrespectful. And it shows a lack of understanding of what we have to do, and the way that time difference truly affects us. It shows a lack of care for our student athletes.

You always know they’re serious when they say they’re doing it for the kids.



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SEC Football: Over/Under Predictions

Athlon takes a look at the O/U lines set by Draft Kings and calls ’em:

  • Florida:  9 Pass
  • Georgia:  10.5 Over
  • Kentucky:  7 Over
  • Missouri:  7 Pass
  • South Carolina:  3.5 Over
  • Tennessee:  6 Pass
  • Vanderbilt:  3 Pass
  • Alabama:  11.5 Over
  • Arkansas:  6 Pass
  • Auburn:  7 Pass
  • LSU:  8.5 Over
  • Mississippi State:  6.5 Pass
  • Ole Miss:  7.5 Over
  • Texas A&M:  9.5 Over

What jumps out at me there is Athlon doesn’t make a single call to take the under.  Either that’s a helluva case of optimism, or this year’s non-conference slate is abysmal.

In the East, I think between Tennessee and Vandy, one of those two will hit the under.  In the West, it’s hard for me to see Arkansas making a bowl game with that schedule.  Auburn, about which Athlon says “this team will only go as far as quarterbacks Bo Nix or T.J. Finley can develop and take it”, has a pretty rough schedule as well; six wins seems likely.  Unless that defense has improved more than I suspect, Ole Miss looks like it’ll be good for seven wins.

What do y’all say?


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