The tie that binds

You know, for all the Daily Gator mockery I indulge in here, I do want to acknowledge one truth our respective fan bases share:

Todd Grantham is an overpaid, overrated defensive coordinator.

Of course, only one of us hopes he stays in Gainesville for a long, long time.


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22 responses to “The tie that binds

  1. Ran A

    Agree; though I will say that we seem to catch on to that a lot sooner than they did, and they had the Georgia and Louisville history to consider.


  2. Greg

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  3. rigger92

    What did CTG do at Missy St that made cousin Eddie go “all in” on him? I don’t remember anything spectacular.


  4. theotherdoug

    Grantham not getting a one year extension was curious. With the SEC money UF couldn’t be that stingy and Mullen had to want it for recruiting. Did Todd refuse to sign a 1 year extension?


  5. Bulldawg Bill

    At the risk of being redundant, I’m all in on the CTG Payroll Fund (CPR). Where do I send the checks?????


  6. akascuba

    Many there in lizard land do grasp Mullen is undermining their recruiting with a DC working on the final year of his contract. Carry on.

    I would love to have heard Mullen explaining why he felt it was a requirement to keep the man who engineered the worst FU defense in gator memory. He certainly didn’t use look at Grantham’s past success at creating championship defenses.

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  7. armydawg

    Towel Boy did have some success at UGA. Only because the UGA defensive players had more intelligence than the gayturds. Those idiots could never understand his concepts.


  8. 69Dawg

    Living here in Gayturd land it is joy to an old man’s soul. The comment about 2023 being their year is pure gold. Mullen is an OC and he firmly has staked his job on the lizards being able to out score their opponents. All he wants from Gantham is to keep it close, like against Alabama. That SECCG at least lets them think there is hope. I hope we crush that hope in JAX.

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    • RangerRuss

      Bless all you Dawgs down there in Gatorland. I hope Halloween is a joyous holiday for you this year.


  9. TN Dawg

    I’m not saying he’s any good, but he has held us below our overall scoring average all three years he’s been at Florida.

    Not sure about our SEC scoring average.


    • spur21

      Don’t see that happening next year or the year after or………………….

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    • akascuba

      Would you consider the talent Grantham has to work with SEC average.

      Losing our starting QB last year when up 14-0 probably helped his average against us.

      I do hope he stays at FU for many years to come. He’s really good at losing to Georgia.


  10. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Some may say he was an improvement over Two Thumbs but I don’t think so.


  11. miltondawg

    A gem:

    “Anyone who watched us last year will agree we were an embarrassment. If our defense was even remotely as good as the year prior, we’d have a new Crystal Ball in our Championship trophy case.”


  12. APT

    Last I checked, his defense shut down our offense last year. Need to focus on our team and staff, not another teams that gave us a beat down offensively and defensively last year …excpet for Tennessee. They suck and really enjoy their misery.